Three days in Brittany


You have only three days to visit Brittany? No worries, we explain you what to see in less than 30minutes drive  with or without car.

To put it simply, your trip will really begin at your arrival in Dol de Bretagne (direct train from Paris).  The town is the perfect crossroad between all the nice areas of  North Bretagne. From there, by bus or by train, you’ll be able to reach Saint-Malo, Mont Saint-Michel, Rennes, Dinan… and much more!


Mont Saint-Michel


How can we not mention the 8th beauty in the world here? Untouched by both time and the constant visit of people, the Mont is a beautiful destination. ok, e should not put in our article ” visit brittany ” as the the Mont is in Normandy. However, it’s only 30 minutes by bus from Edd Hostel, so should not miss it! Please, check the timetable to plan well your trip. You can take the bus at Dol’s train station which is few meter from our hostel.


The little village inside the Mont is absolutely charming. Indeed, the medieval looking type of village adds a special atmosphere. Walking there feels like visiting a fairytail castle! Avoid the main street and get lost in the small street turning left from the main one. The village is open 24h, only the abbey has opening hours. Note that if you are a EU citizens under 25, you have free entrance. It is better for you to book a “skip the line” ticket as Mont saint michel is on of the most popular place to visit in France.


mont saint michel


The Mont is in the middle of a big bay. Be aware that walking through the bay by yourself may put you at great risk, as the mud gets deep in some parts of it. It is better to book a guide to walk trough Mont Saint-Michel’s bay!

Mont Saint Michel however it is an amaizing place, it is small and crowded. We advise you to plan to stay there 3 or 4h max. Use the rest of the day to explore another destination next by such as Dol de Bretagne or Saint malo for example.


Dol de Bretagne


Dol de Bretagne



Dol has a deep link with the History of Brittany. Centuries ago, this small town was the religious former main city of Brittany. The oldest houses of the whole region, as well as its Cathedral, are one part of the huge historical heritage Dol has. Believe me, nothing is more pleasant than loosing yourself in its small streets and paths. It is small but cute and worth to visit in brittany.

I also personally enjoy walking to “Le Menhir du Champ Dolent”, which is one of the biggest megalithe in the area. (menhir is the big stone of asterix and Obelix! )

If you like walking , there is  also the “Mont-Dol“. This lovely hill of 1000 inhabitants, is 4km from Dol de Bretagne. About one hour walk, or 20 minutes if you prefer cycling to it. Use the trail to get there, we will explain you where it is at the reception. From the top you will have a view on all the bay of Mont Saint Michel.

Watch our video about Dol de Bretagne to explore with us!

mont dol



Indeed, the city conserves its heritage even if it suffered  during WWII. Let’s head up to Intra-muros, the older side of the corsair city. All the streets are paved ones in this part of the town which grants you a really medieval feel!

Located just next to the sea and fully surrounded by huge ramparts where old canons stands, Intra-muros offers a great view of the sea around. Do not miss this town, you will love it!


saint malo



Ramparts of Intra-muros are also surrounded by magnificent beaches, and one of them has even a natural swimming pool inside it (plage Bon secours). Two islands could be found in front of Intra-Muros : the first one is “Le grand Bé”, where the great French writer François René de Chateaubriand is burried. If you head towards the top of the rock, I can testify that you’ll get an even prettier view of the sea (possible at low tide only). As for the other rock, “Le petit Bé”, you’ll find the national fort “Vauban” that you can also visit if you wish.

To get there, direct train in 16mins from Dol de Bretagne or 25 mins by car. You can also check our Road trip article.

If you visit only Intra Muros, 2-3h are enough, but you can stay more and visit Cité d’Aleth area or Pointe de la Varde area. Both are reachable by walk or bus. Check our video about Saint Malo. 


… and Cancale



cancale port


Cancale is well known for its seaproducts especially oysters. To get there, there is buses from Saint Malo (bus 5 all year, bus 9 in summer through the beaches). It is a nice small town famous from its harbour from which you can see oysters fields.

Everyday, on the port, stands the oyster market where the fischermens sell directly their products.

Get lost in the city and take your time! You can get yourself about half a dozen of oysters directly from the port and then enjoy it while looking at the sea… isn’t that nice? You can also take a seat in one of the many restaurants facing the sea.




If you love medieval town, Dinan is made for you. With only 25 minutes train from Edd Hostel, Dinan is one of the place we highly recommend!

Little town from Brittany, Dinan is litteraly the typical old french village. Its castle, which stands since the 13th century, is one of the best preserved of Brittany. It is like a huge fort and dungeon from the mediaval time, all surrounded by 3km long ramparts!

All the town is really medieval looking like, with its old stone bridge, its huge Clockwork tower (it is over 40 meter high!). Everytime we go there, we feel like going back to middle age. Actually, lot of guests tell us it is the highlight of their visit in Brittany.

The town is crossed by a river named “La Rance” so it has a nice port at the bottom. To get to the harbor, take the Jerzual street (most famous street of Dinan).




… and Lehon


village brittany



Lehon is the perfect example of what a small old village from Brittany looks like. Surrounded by nature, quiet, peacefull… and full of stories!  You will be able to find the ruins of the castle the town used to have, around 1034 according to History books.

There is also theAbbaye with its garden, which is right next to the church. Those two are pretty well preserved. It is a beautiful place to visit, full of history.

To get there from Dinan, walk dosn to the port, cross the old bridge and turn right on the walking path! 30 mins later you will be at Lehon. You can come back with the walking path other side of the river!

Before going check ou video about Dinan and Lehon.


There is lot of other thinks to see or do in the region. Do not hesitate to check ou page Explore to have some good tips to spend a good time here!



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