Dol the mysterious city – guided visit

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Today I have tried the guided visit of Dol de Bretagne: Dol La mystérieuse

It is not because I live here that i cannot learn more about my home. And actually, I discoveredd I didn’t know that much my town. The main of this visit is to explore all the secrets this old town has.

The visit is organized by the Tourist Information. It is available in english too, which is good! During this 2hours tours I even discovered some streets/shortcuts I didn’t know!

You start the visit close to the cathedral. Wandering south of the cathedral, you enter the maze of streets in the old town. The most important streets are the Grande Rue Stuarts and Rue Lejamtel. In this part of the city there are many beautiful half-timbered houses and its architecture dating from the 11th century, and also many houses built in traditional granite used in the buildings of Brittany.

You will discover also why the Stuart family of Scotland is so important in Dol de Bretagne Or why Dol de Bretagne was not destroyed during WWII.

I am not going to explain you all the visit, just advising you to do it to discover how rich is the past of Dol De Bretagne!

How to get there: Go to the cathedral and facing it, the tourist information is on the left

How much: 5€



My rate: 5/5


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