Car trip to Saint Malo

This is one of best car trip

between Dol de Bretagne and Saint Malo

Are you coming to Dol de Bretagne to see the Mont Saint Michel and discover north Brittany ? Why not do it by car and make your trip a bit more special ? You’ll find below my favorite car trip to Saint Malo 🙂


As you may know, Saint-Malo is a famous town in North Brittany. If you’re driving, don’t go directly to Saint-Malo. There is plenty of things and places you can visit on the way !

I’ll share with you my trip by car from Dol de Bretagne, my hometown, to Saint-Malo ,and introduce my favorite spots. It’s better to leave EDD hostel before lunch 🙂


Dol de Bretagne

Starting spot of my car trip adventure from Dol de Bretagne !

Visit this town before starting your trip. It’s a beautiful small town from the 6th century with colorful typical houses in the main street and the historic cathedral Saint-Samson.



FIRST SPOT  :  Mont Dol

It takes only 5 mins from Dol de Bretagne to reach on the top of Mont Dol. I parked in a free parking, then walked around and saw the panorama view over the Mont-Saint-Michel’s Bay and beautiful Bretagne’s fields. From the Mont-Dol, you can see from Cancale to Granville, you basically get a view of the whole Bay.  You can even see great sunrises and sunsets 😉 If you want to know more about Mont Dol, you should check this article !


SECOND SPOT  :  Mont-Saint-Michel’s Bay

From Mont-Dol, follow the direction Le Vivier sur Mer to reach Mont-Saint-Michel’s Bay then drive along the bay to Cancale.  I stopped at Hirel and enjoyed a little walk while looking at the Mont-Saint-Michel. The bay is so calm and peaceful.  I wanted to try land sailing because my colleague told me it’s pretty awesome. But I decided to just chill out and be Zen. I will try land sailing next time for sure.  You can read his experience of land sailing at the Bay in that blog!



THIRD SPOT  :  Cancale


I arrived around mid day to the Port of Cancale.  I parked at the “église de Cancale” then walked around the city center.  Then, I bought some food at the super market and walked down to the port. As I knew Cancale is known for the quality of its oysters and sea product I bought oysters from the market and ate them next to the sea 😊

Here is a blog which is talking about Cancale !



FOURTH SPOT  :  Pointe du Grouin

After my lunch, I stayed around the port and went back to the car. Then I went to “La Pointe du Grouin” which takes only a few minutes drive.  There you will get a wonderful view of the sea of north Brittany with tiny Mont Saint Michel. I parked at the parking then walked along the GR34 (walking path along Brittany coast). What a wonderful view I had ! You can check more about La Pointe du Grouin! I walked 1 hour then got back to the car to reach Saint Malo !



FINALLY : Saint Malo


For about 40 mins, I drived next to the awsome seaside while following the direction of Saint Malo from La Pointe du Grouin then finally, I took the direction “Intra Muros” . There are no free parking inside Intra Muros even around it, and it’s quite hard to find yourself a spot to park, especially in high seasons, but no worries there’s always a place !  I discovered the old town and the beaches that French people love 😉 I stayed at Saint Malo untill sunset and I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets directly from the ramparts. It was just gorgeous !

Check this blog if you don’t know about Saint Malo yet !

After this wonderful visit in Saint Malo, I went back to the cute little town that’s Dol de Bretagne then ate dinner in the main street. Now the days are starting to get longer and longer so why not eat your dinner in the old town of Saint Malo then head back to EDD hostel? 🙂



Well, that’s all about my car trip to Saint Malo! What do you think about my day ? Isn’t it perfect ?

It’s really possible to do it in one day, like this you can save other parts of Brittany for the next day, like Dinan, Saint-Suliac etc 🙂






If you want other trip ideas in Bretagne check on our blog!

You can also check the site of the tourist office!


My rate: 5/5


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