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Edd hostel is an ideal base camp for travellers and backpackers visiting Europe and willing to discover the authentic France. You will live an off road experience in a french village in Bretagne.

Located just behind the railway station of Dol de Bretagne, Edd hostel is the best location ever to visit easily the Mont-Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo & Dinan.

Emilie decided to open Edd Hostel in her favorite region after travelling solo for 15 months. She chose to settle down in Dol de Bretagne because it is located in the middle of various touristic attractions.

In love with brittany’s culture and landscapes, Edd hostel team will help you plan your trip to discover the hidden gems of the area.

We have put comfort, warmth, location and great facilities at the top of the priority list. Our Coffee shop is central to Edd hostel experience – where residents can meet locals and share stories.

Explore. Dream. Discover

The Team