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Train or bus to Mont Saint-Michel

Here, we list the best ways to go to Mont Saint-Michel by bus or train from Dol-de-Bretagne : the closest speed train station from Mont Saint-Michel.

From Paris take a train and then a bus. It is easy, we explain you in details in this article.


Arriving to Dol-de-Bretagne


In Paris the train station to go to the West of France is Gare Montparnasse. From there you can take a direct speed train to Dol-de-Bretagne. The journey will take only 2h20.



For a cheaper option, you can also take a low cost train called Ouigo from Montparnasse to Rennes. In Rennes, you change to our local train called TER in direction of Saint-Malo (stop at Dol-de-Bretagne). In Rennes train station, 10 minutes are enough to change train, it is a small train station, use the underground corridor to change plateform.


Bus to Mont Saint-Michel


Situated in the middle of a bay, the Mont Saint-Michel welcomes nearly two and a half million people every year. This includes visitors, pilgrims and tourists.

To go to Mont Saint-Michel you will need to go to Pontorson (closest city from the Mont Saint-Michel – 10km) and then take the shuttle bus to the Mont. The shuttle will let you right in front of the village, no walking required !

Take the bus to Pontorson, in front of Dol-de-Bretagne train station (3 mins walk from Edd Hostel)





From Pontorson train station, take the shuttle that will drop you directly in front of the main door of the village. With this option you won’t need to walk the 45 minutes from the parking lot to Mont Saint-Michel. The fortified medieval city is renowned worldwide as it is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will need around 2 or 3 hours to visit the village and its catedral. Just so you know, it can get very crowded at some point !

shuttle mont saint michel

Mont Saint-Michel to Dol-de-Bretagne


Finally, it’s now time to come back, you have to take the shuttle to Pontorson and then take the train to Dol-de-Bretagne. You take the shuttle called “Navette” directly in front of the main gate (see map). It takes more or less 20 minutes to arrive at Pontorson Railway.

Don’t be scared with the timetable, with the option 2 you will have 3hours 1/2 there and it is more than enough. Actually, most of our travellers are coming back with option 1, that means with the bus at 11.35AM.

Why? Because Mont Saint-Michel is a very small place and it is a popular place for tourist so the small streets are often packed. It is a place that you want to see but not where you want to chill out. According to us, it is better to come back early and to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in Dol-de-Bretagne or in Saint-Malo.


train mont saint michel



If you really want to come back later, you have other options :

1 . Take the bus Mont Saint-Michel / Saint-Malo at 4pm and then come back by train to Saint-Malo / Dol. Timetable

2. Take a bus Pontorson / Dol-de-Bretagne , but you will have to find a way to make the 10km from MSM to Pontorson.  Timetable


SATURDAY : No bus from Dol, you will have to take the train to Saint-Malo but it is just a 16mins ride.

SUNDAY : Sorry, it is not the best day to go. First, you will have locals and tourist there. Secondly, the local bus is not working on sunday so you will have to go to Rennes 🙁


You can also rent a bike at Pontorson to cycle the 10km there is between MSM and Pontorson. Check before their opening hours.



If you don’t want to take the bus to Mont Saint-Michel, we also can organize a taxi from Edd Hostel. The more you are, the cheaper it will be, so try to find other travellers that want to go with you. Taxi are around 60/80 euros ONE WAY.

We usually work with Allo Centrale Taxis 02-99-80-98-22 , call them to book in advance during summer.


Enjoy also Dol-de-Bretagne


Your journey is going through the village of Dol-de-Bretagne. Take time to visit it, it is a lovely medieval town with houses from the 12th century. The cathedral is worth a visit, and in a short walk you can see the menhir du champ Dolent, one of the highest standing menhir of Brittany. By taking the train from Dol, you can easily explore the area, so why not staying for a few days in the city ?


Dol de Bretagne



Some advises for your day trip!



Advise 1: Tickets for the bus can be bought with the driver. Ticket for the train can be bought online or at the train station. To use train in France, check our article.

Advise 2: Do not go by yourself in the bay, it is dangerous because of quicksands. Book a guide tour at the tourist information if you want to explore the bay.

Advise 3: Before/after your bus ride, do not hesitate to go to visit the village of Dol-de-Bretagne, you will love the medieval spirit, the cathedral and local businesses. 

Advise 4: Buy a sandwich directly in a bakery in Dol-de-Bretagne. It is cheaper and much better that at the Mont !

Advise 5: Once you are in Mont Saint-Michel intra-muros, turn left after the town hall and get lost in the village. Don’t stay in the main street, it is for tourists, not eddplorers 😉




Tourist info website

To avoid queue to visit the abbey, buy your ticket online.

For more info do not hesitate to read or other articles. To go to Mont Saint-Michel by bike from Dol-de-Bretagne, read here our eddventure !




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  • Benjamin fronda  - 

    What is the nearest airport to be with..i will come from milan.

    • Mr Explore  - 

      Hi Benjamin! Nearest airport is Rennes. You will find all information about how to come to us on : Hope we will see you soon 😉

  • WANG,YU-AN  - 

    If I want to back to the hostel after 9 pm from mont-saint -Michel. Are there any suggestion for transport ?

    • Mr Explore  - 

      The only option is to take shuttle from Mont Saint Michel to Pontorson (10km from Mont St Michel) and bus or train to Dol. It really depends of the date (schedule change in summer) and day you want to come. For example friday and Sunday there is late bus at 21.15 . From Monday to Thursday last bus is at 19.15 You can check train schedule on
      If you have more questions you can send us an email with more details 😉

  • 植松トイッカ 輝代 Uematsu-Toikka Teruyo  - 


    カード払い可能 又は現金のみ?

    宜しく お願い致します。

    • Mr Explore  - 

      Dol de bretagne駅前から、モンサンミッシェルまでは片道8ユーロで、バス内で現金で支払えます。現金がない場合は、事前に駅でカードでも購入できます。
      EDDhostel Nana

  • Anna  - 

    Hello. How can I get to your hostel from the FlixBus stop at Mont Saint Michel?

    • Mr Explore  - 

      Hello Anna! To come to EddHostel from Mt St Michel, there is a direct bus to Dol that leaves the Mount around 4PM every day 😉 .You can get this one, otherwise you can take a bus to Pontorson, then a train to Dol. Or another option would be to take the taxi, but it is more expensive (around 50Euros). 😉

  • Mona  - 

    Thanks for your advices!

    I spent a great day un Mont St Michel !

  • Thomas  - 

    Le dimanche 10 avril, je souhaite me rendre au Mont Saint Michel et de là, faire le GR34.
    Malheureusement, il n’y a pas de bus le dimanche.
    Si quelqu’un d’autre souhaite s’y rendre, peut-être pourrions-nous partager un taxi ?
    Ou peut-être que tu as une voiture et que tu peux me deposer ?

    On Sunday 10 April I would like to go to Mont Saint Michel and hike the GR34 from there.
    Unfortunately there is no bus service on Sundays.
    If someone else wants to go there, maybe we can share a taxi?
    Or maybe you have a car and can give me a lift?

    am Sonntag, den 10. April möchte ich nach MontSaint Michel und von dort aus eine Wanderung auf dem GR34 beginnen.
    Leider gibt es aber sonntags keine Busverbindung nach Mont Saint Michel.
    Wenn noch jemand dorthin möchte, könnten wir uns vielleicht ein Taxi teilen?
    Oder vielleicht hast Du ein Auto und kannst mich mitnehmen?

    • Thomas  - 

      Pour ceux qui prévoient de le faire :
      J’y suis allé en auto-stop et je suis revenu à l’auberge à pied en une journée. (Environ 27 km, 6 heures 30 minutes)

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