Mont Saint-Michel by bike

Mont Saint-Michel is a must see in France

or I could even say in the world.

The village of the Mont Saint-Michel is incredible but what a better way to get there than by bike!

Departure from Edd hostel in Dol de Bretagne, you will need a 2h30 ride to reach the Mont Saint Michel. A flat, safe & wonderful cycling path will get you there; it is called the Voie Verte. The Voie verte are really well indicated. It is not possible to get lost, there is sign at every intersection (if not-keep straight!). I recommand to take the full day to do this activity and stop on the way to admire the different landscapes.

First stop: The Mont Dol!

The Mont Dol is considered as the cousin of the Mont Saint Michel. Lot of legends around the Mont Dol, some about Gargantua others about Merlin the Magicians. From the top of the Mont Dol (to reach by foot from the village center) you will have a nice view on the surrounding area and on the bay from Cancale to the Mont Saint Michel.

Vivier Sur Mer

Follow the Voie Verte (Vv) signs and ride across corn fields and along the Couesnon river to rich your second stop: Vivier Sur Mer. There you will discover the mussels and oysters fields that are typical of the bay of Bay Mont Saint Michel. For several km you will cycle along the bay, seeing your point of arrival from far. If you are lucky, you will see the famous sheeps of the Mont St Michel.

A small Chapel

After crossing Vivier Sur Mer village, stop to the Chapel Saint Anne, along the bay. It is one of my favourite place on the bay. This cute little chapel is litteraly on the sandy Bay of Mont Saint Michel!

You are already almost half way! Keep cycling on the Voie Verte, under the trees, in the middle of farms and along the Bay. More and more you see closer the magnificient Mont Saint Michel. It is a real pleasure to get closer …

On the way, do not forget to hydatre yourself.

Lunch ?

I advise to stop for lunch before to get too close to the Mont Saint-Michel. Find a spot where you will be the only one having this view! The village of the Mont Saint Michel can be crowded especially in summer!

Last goal

Now the Voie Verte sign indicate Pontorson or the Mont Saint-Michel. You are almost there! You should ride until the cycle parking before the final bridge. It is not allowed to park just at the door of the village.
You will keep your way by walk but your legs will be happy!

It is the beginning of the afternoon and you can visit the Unesco site at your path.

How to get there: Bike 30 km from Dol de Bretagne. 2h30. Departure: 1st right after the Cathedral (rue des murets). Follow the Voie Verte green signs on the way. To go back to Edd hostel: for the brave one-> ride again same path! For the others: take the bus. Check the timetable at reception.

Where to eat: You will find different restaurant in Vivier sur Mer & Cherrueix and 1 small supermarket.. One nice restaurant in Cherrueix with a view on the bay and a terasse (good for a drink on the way back!). Other option is to take a sandwich in your backpack and stop where the wind brings you 😉

How much: Rent a bike in Dol (price available at reception), buy a sandwich in a french bakery (4€), free entrance to the village of Mont-Saint-Michel, visit of the Abbey (10€)

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My rate: 5/5

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