Rent a bike during your stay in Dol-de-Bretagne

    You’d like to rent a bike during your stay in Dol-de-Bretagne ? Good idea ! Just so you know, EDD hostel is “cyclists welcome” ; we have a bike storage so feel free to book a night with us 😉 . For bike rentals, we give you our adresses in Dol, Saint-Malo and Pontorson !


    Rent a bike in Dol-de-Bretagne 

    In Dol, there are two adresses which offer bike rentals (classic bikes or electric bikes) : Cycles Romé and Electrocycles de la baie.

    Cycles Romé offers bike and tandem selling, renting or repairs. They also have all sorts of equipments for cyclists. The shop is near the city center and is open from tuesday to saturday (9am-12pm/2pm-6pm). It’s 30€ to rent a classic bike for a day, 40€ for an e-bike.

    Electrocycles is selling, renting or reparing electric bikes. It is located a few minutes walking from EDD hostel. There, renting a bike costs between 25 and 35€ a day depending on the kilometers. Beware, you’ll have to pay cash !


    Rent a bike in Saint-Malo 

    Saint-Malo is only 16 minutes away by train from Dol, therefore it can be easier for you to rent a bike directly in this city ! We’d suggest to head toward one of those adresses :

    Les vélos bleus is renting and selling bikes, it is also offering services like bike delivery. For your information, the price is 17€ a day for a VTT (mountain bike) or a VTC (hybrid bike), it is 35€ for an e-bike ; it’s open from 8:30am to 6:30pm from monday to saturday and 7/7 during the french holidays and public holidays.

    Loc’Malouine  offers bike rentals, equipment and delivery included, your bike can be delivered where you stay or at the entrance of the bike trails (voies vertes), around Saint-Malo/Cancale. (15€ a day for a classic bike, 35€ for an e-bike.)

    Vélo Emeraude is not located in Saint-Malo city, but it can deliver your bike at the train station or the tourist office in Saint-Malo for example. You’ll have to book your bike in advance, on their website.



    Rent a bike in Pontorson 

    If you have planned to go to Mont Saint-Michel and you would like to go there by bike, it’s possible. You can rent a bike in Dol and cycle all the way to the Mont (we did it !). You can also take a train or a bus to Pontorson and rent a bike there. Sometimes, it can be easier than taking the connexion : the buses don’t run really often. In any case, it’s a nice and original way to discover Mont Saint-Michel’s bay !

    Les rayons de la baie rent every kind of bikes (15€ for classic ones or VTT/VTC, 25€ for e-bikes). It’s open from monday to saturday, and on sundays if you book for it.

    L’Atelier Prépa vélo is basically a place dedicated to bike repairs, but you can also rent classic bikes (15€ a day) or e-bikes (30€ a day). It’s open from monday to friday, not on the weekends !

    Wild Garage / Bar à vélos, is located at this adress : 23 route de la Grève Moidrey ; meaning north Pontorson. It is for his part open everyday, continuously from 9am to 6pm.

    To go to Pontorson, check the bus timetable on this article.



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