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We have a new bike storage !

Today at Edd Hostel, a bike storage was successfully installed! If you are an EDDplorer, cycling lover and you are willing to come to our beautiful destination by bike, it’s a wonderful news for you ! You can now sleep well as your precious bike is safe in our new storage. 😉

As a result, we summarize here some cycling routes or path you can enjoy from Edd Hostel, Dol de Bretagne! Here’s the best bike trips in Brittany!


First of all, Mont-Dol!



First of all, At 4 km from Dol, this small hill is hosting a cute village… When the weather is good you will have the best panorama on the countryside around, but also on the Mont Saint-Michel far away. Our tips: go to the Mont-Dol for sunset. I promise the atmosphere is really peaceful and soothing to finish the day in a relaxing way…

To go to Mont-Dol, you should follow a small bike path called “Voie Verte”. This path is crossing the countryside. It’s a really easy ride because it’s flat. No worries you won’t be lost on the way because you will always be able to see le Mont-Dol. The last hop to go on the top off the hill is hard… maybe like me, you will have to finish this part by foot :p

After, the Menhir du Champ Dolent!



This menhir is 9m30 high and is only 2 km from Edd Hostel. You could reach it really fast by the ” “Vallée du Guyoult”, a swampy area converted into a park, then cross the small village of “Carfantin”, to enjoy tiny off road in the middle of nature, or it’s also possible to join the menhir by the bigger road close to Edd Hostel. Once you will be there, you can learn about the history and legend of this mysterious Menhir on a billboard.

Let’s bike from Saint-Malo


Above all, my advice is to take the train to Saint-Malo with your bike on board. Let’s go to this beautiful city 15 minutes away. In Saint-Malo, don’t miss the visit of Intra-Muros, the touristic area close to the beach. I like strolling around its streets, and go over the ramparts to watch the sea… (At Dinan’s door there is a special place to hitch your bike)

After, be ready to ride 25 km to come back to Edd Hostel! Saint-Malo-Cancale along the coast will take 1h30 and then you must reach Vivier Sur Mer (1h30) and Dol (45minutes). You can also skip Cancale for a shorter way to come back but you will miss the oyster city.

Finally, this adventure is a full day trip, but it’s well worth! It is difficult but if you are used to bike you will really enjoy the ride! (More info in the useful links below)


La Pointe du Grouin



Plan 2h30 to reach the Pointe du Grouin. Take the “Voie verte” to the Mont-Dol, and ride until “Le Vivier sur Mer”, on the coast… Follow this beautiful bay of Mont Saint-Michel until Cancale where you should stop to visit its tiny harbor and discover the famous local oysters.

Then, let’s go for the last section (it’s hilly) until the Pointe du Grouin! Amazing place which offers you a beautiful view on the sea and the coast… The water looks so blue! Everytime I am surprised about this… In my opinion you should have a walk on the small footpath being parts of GR34, and even have a lunch break there (take your sandwich, and enjoy the landscape).

To come back you can also ride to La Gouesniere and take the train. usually bus do not accept bikes in France.


And the famous Mont Saint-Michel


From Edd Hostel it’s possible for the most sportive ones to ride the round trip to the Mont Saint-Michel. Plan 2h30 one way by the “Voie verte”. If you want more information about our trip to the Mont-Saint-Michel check our article.

About our escapade to Combourg by bike, read this article.


Useful site  : visit the voie verte website to see different maps : here.


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  • gabriele  - 

    Bonsoir! is it necessary to rent a bike through your web site?

    • Mr Explore  - 

      HI, we do not rent bike in our hostel but there is a bike shop (ROME CYCLES) downtown, 5 mins walk from edd hostel.

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