Voie Verte Dol

    Dol-Cherrueix by bicycle

    The way

    Dol-Cherrueix by bicycle is made through the Green Way (“Voie Verte” in french) in less then 1hour for one way. The road is flat and without difficulties. However, we highly recommend to check the forecast because even if the sky is clear and blue, the wind might be strong so the difficulty level gets high.

    To begin with the Green Way, you need to join the street “Rue de Paris”. Easy, this street is the prolongation of the street “Rue des Stuarts”, our main street. Continue 3minutes in this street of Paris, you will see the Police Station on your right, and on your left you will notice the sign of the Green Way 6 to turn on the path “Chemin de la Neuve”. You will go through residential buildings till the sign of the Green Way (Voie Verte), will show you to turn on your left under a bridge. In front of you is the Mont Dol. You need to turn right.

    In my opinion, the Green Way starts here, as you will now be walking through the fields till Cherrueix. The Green Way 6 is mainly on concrete roads, but they are mainly between fields, which implies there are almost, or no cars.

    carte voie verte

    What a joy to cycle in the middle of nature! On the road between Dol-Cherrueix by bicycle, you will be able to notice multiple farms. Some are quite new, others are old ones and renovated in a modern way.

    2nd part of the way

    Mid way, far away on your right, you can notice one of the stone-pits of the area, Saint-Broladre’s stone-pits. We extract sand and stones.

    After an hour of ride, you will arrive next to the small town of Cherrueix. At the end of a small road, you will come by a cross road with a departmental that you will need to take. Unfortunately, no other choices but to ride for a bit on this road. Be aware, the roads of the region are quite busy during summer. If you follow straight for 3minutes, you will reach the village’s entrance and its church. Alright, to be honest with you, we do have a few doubts at this point of the green way as the signs are not clear, but no worries, you’re almost there!

    That’s it, you reached Cherrueix, at the town’s center you will find the church and a few shops. Few meters away, the Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel! You will be able to notice the shape of the Mont at the horizon; we love this place! Cherrueix is also known for its sand yaught’s club. We highly recommend a little break on the terrace of the restaurant Abri des grèves (remind yourself to book a table during summer).

    We recommend to ride for 5 more minutes to the chapelle Saint-Anne. It’s a unique place next to the bay with this little chapelle in the middle of nature. This place often welcomes art exhibitions.

    The way back

    For your return to Dol, you have 2 options. You can take the same road and you ride for an hour. Or, you can follow the Velomaritime (a path for bicycles) till Vivier-sur-Mer, then take the Green Way (Voie Verte that will take you to Dol de Bretagne for 9km. You then did a loop of 3 hours.

    These 2 options are well signed by the usual Voie Verte panels, symbolised by a green bicycle. We still advise you to take your phone with you, as to use Google Maps if you ever get lost. It can be useful 😀 !

    Keep in mind that Edd Hostel’s staff are often using these roads and are never lost for long. You can tell yourself that after 5minutes (if the road isn’t straight), if you haven’t seen any signs, then turn back because you might have missed the last one. This is also adventure!


    You can find the map of this circuit on the office tourism’s website.

    If you want to discover some other hikes in the area, here is an article about a special place to see around here! : Hike at the Higourdais


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