Hike at the Higourdais

    You are passing by our beautiful region? You already saw the famous places such as the Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo, Dinan, Dinard and of course our precious town of Dol de Bretagne? After having seen those touristic places, you feel like a hike in a quiet and natural area? Well, we have exactly what you need: The Higourdais Circuit! (“Circuit de la Higourdais” in french)


    The pond of the Higourdais


    Hiking path in Brittany, 15min by car from Edd Hostel, this walk of 7km if you do the biggest circuit, starts from the pond of the Higourdais, you’ll just need to follow the yellow signs all along the circuit. Think about a picnic, there’s a high chance you’ll want to settle down for a bit near by the water and enjoy the quitness of the area.

    After parking your car, you can therefore start you little walk! A start on a dirt road, you will quickly pass by an old bakehouse worth the small detour! Bakehouse from the 19-20th century, it was entirely renovated but kept its nice thatched roof.



    Afterwards, you can continue your hike and branch off on your left to pass between the two ponds. You will find yourself being surrounded by nice trees, oak trees, beeches and so many more various species of the area. The omnipresent silence allows the beautiful song of the birds to resonate nicely around you. You will pass by a small bridge over a charming stream. This place can be a nice spot for you to stop and eat your picnic! In our opinion, the view is absolutely stunning.

    Then, follow the path straight between the trees, turn on your left and walk along this beautiful pond.

    Quickly on your right, you will find one of the 6 old water mills of Epiniac. It stopped functionning during the 2nd World War; they started to restor it at the beginning of the 20th century, but was quickly left in its current state to shelter a colony of small bats, to not disturb. These small bats called Horseshoe bats, were counted from a number of 265 in 2015. We believe that this number for sure increased since then!



    A walk in the countryside



    At the end of the path, turn right then left before the small stream of Landal. After a few minutes walk, turn on your left between the 2 fields. Cross the road D85 to reach the hamlet in front of you, called La Ville Oubert. Charming stone houses, you will get a slight idea of the life in the countryside!

    Afterwards, take the first dirt road on your left, with a bit of chance you will maybe see some cows! A small path goes between two lines of trees on your right, after around 200meters, follow it till the end of it.

    Turn right, then continue on the small road till turn. Go towards your left to the stony path, if you chose the small circuit, then turn left and start the end of the loop. Continue straight till the end of the path, and turn left again on a dirt road. At the end, next to the Cross Saint-Menas, go straight to the parking where your car is waiting for you, and that’s the end of your walk!


    For the big circuit, I invite you to check all the details on this website (preferably if you speak a bit of french) :  Grand Circuit de la Higourdais



    And here was a small idea of a hike in Brittany! You can now come back and rest at Edd Hostel 😀

    Or we have of course other ideas of hike in stock, our region is full of beautiful and natural places…



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