French train TER Pass

    Breizhgo TER pass

    It’s summer and the french train Breizhgo TER  offers you a super plan!

    Indeed, the Breizhgo TER pass was created by the region of Bretagne as to make it more easy and accessible for you to travel without a car,  therefore explore our beautiful and wild region in a local and ecological way.

    Furthermore, you can decide to go alone or with others and travel unlimited in our local french trains. That’s right, the number of people by pass can greach 5! And your children under 12 have the right for a free ticket with a limit of 2 children by pass.

    Awesome for a trip with your family or friends! 😀


    Two options are offered to you:

    • A pass of 2 days that is for 55 euros
    • A pass of 7 days that is for 110 euros.



    How to buy your pass

    To buy your pass, click on this following link, and check the bottom of the page : Pass TER Breizhgo

    Afterwards, keep in mind that to be able to take whenever you want this french train TER , you will need to order the train ticket in question, that will be for 0 euros for you, and don’t forget your pass! Also, these free tickets are available only the previous day or the same day of the travel.

    To book, you will have to go on the website TER Breizhgo, to realise a normal booking by writing down the wanting dates and destinations, and update your passenger profil informations, while including your Card : in this case, seclect the option that you chose, more precisely “2 days Pass TER Breizhgo” or “7 days Pass TER Breizhgo”.

    You can add the other passenger’s informations included in the pass, during this step.

    Other option, you have the possibility to download the application Assistant Scnf on your phone.

    Then, choose the wanted TER, and validate your order. Check your mails, your free tickets are waiting for you to announce the beginning of your adventure! 😀

    Do not forget to print your tickets, or you can download them on the application that was mentioned earlier!

    Planning french train TER  Pass 2 days


    If you chose the option of 2 days, here are a few ideas that we suggest from Edd Hostel. That’s right, we are just behind the train station, which makes it ideal to reach the wanting destinations!



    First day

    When you arrive at Edd Hostel, you can start by visiting our small town of Dol de Bretagne, because yes, between the marvelous Cathedral, the charming city center and its medieval architecture, the Menhir of Champ Dolent and also the Mont Dol, our small town has so much to offer 😀 !

    Afterwards, you can take the TER train to reach Dinan within 21 minutes. When you arrive in this charming town with its mediaval look, stroll around its enchanting streets, and if you have the time we suggest you to try out the walk of 30 minutes alongside the river la Rance, towards the village of Léhon!

    Second day

    For your 2nd day, let’s go to St Malo! Count 16minutes by TER to join this corsair city, and then you will be able to enjoy as you wish the beautiful old city center of Intra-Muros. If it’s a nice day, do not forget your swimsuit ;), St Malo has many beaches.

    Then, for the afternon you can to Combourg, you will be there in 25 minutes from Saint-Malo by TER. This neigboor town of Dol de Bretagne, is firstly known for its castle, but also for having seen grow the infamous Chateaubriant!



    This should be enough to fulfill your 2 days TER pass!

    But it’s not finish, we highly advise you to stay an extra night at Edd Hostel, because you surely don’t want to miss out on one of the world’s marvel for your 3rd day! The Mont Saint-MichelTo go there, you will have to take the bus nearby the Hostel, in front of the train station, that will take you to Pontoron. At Pontorson’s station, there will be a free shuttle to drive you to the Mont Saint-Michel. All the details of transportation and its timetable are in this link concerning the Mont Saint-Michel 😉 .


    Planning french train TER Pass 7 days



    If you chose the 7 days pass, you can stay longer with us and have a daytrip to Rennes, the capital city of Bretagne! Once more, take the french train to this destination, and know that 1 day should be enough to see most of what this beautiful city has to offer 😀

    A bit further

    For the 4th day, we are once more starting at the train station, this time direction Vannes! What a city of caracter… Take your time and enjoy this nice discovery… You can count 1 day of even 2 to have the time and enjoy the peninsula of Quiberon and Auray, nearby!

    Finally, for the rest of your adventure, don’t miss out the Pink Granit Coast (“Côte de Granit Rose”) !! The TER will take you to Lannion, and from there, you can hike on some parts of the GR34. You will be amazed by the view, we promise you that 😀 !


    That’s it, we hope you enjoy to its fullest this wonderful offer! And of course, we hope to see you at Edd Hostel 😉


    For other good plan, we offer a rockclimbing eddventure!

    And here is another article on for a treasure hunt in Saint-Malo 😉

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