Combourg – A charming village nearby Edd Hostel

Combourg is a very cute little village only 10 minutes from Edd Hostel by train,  and 15 min by car. You’ll find bellow 4 reasons why you should go there during your trip :


1 – Combourg’s castle 

Combourg is mainly known for it’s castle. Indeed, this is not a classic castle for 2 reasons :


  • François René de Chateaubriant, One of the most famous French writer and precursor of romantism (a litterary movement from the early 19th century), used to live in this castle when he was a child. And this castle was his first inspiration when he started to write.


  • Combourg’s castle is said to be haunted ! A famous legend says that every nights at 0:00, a man knocks the stairs with his wooden legs. That’s a very quick resumee, but don’t worry, the guides can  talk about it way better than I do !


The park is such a nice place to take a walk, by the way !

Castle’s visit costs : Adults (8,30€), Kids (5-12 years old, 4,70€), free under 5 years old – close in winter


2 – Wonderful tracks 


Combourg is a nice place to chill if you like to walk in nature. There are 2 beautiful lakes which are linked by several cute tracks accross a small forest ! if you take your time to do the big tour, it should last about one hour or two by foot ! 🙂

If you want to do a bike tour around Combourg, then check out our previous blog!


3 – A cute city center


With its lakes, statues and small businesses, the city center is also such a nice place to take a walk, especially every monday morning, where takes place the local market (8:00 – 12:00).

You can also have a break in a bar ! I would recommend Le Chat Toqué, pretty cosy with a nice atmosphere and a cool terasse ! Le Grand B is nice too ! If you like beer and wine, you can go to Le Repaire, a bar that proposes dozens of different beers and wines !


4 – Some awesome places to eat

Combourg has a lot of delicious restaurants. Here are my favorite ones :

  • La cour du temple : A very typical crêperie as we know them in Bretagne. For me the best traditionnal restaurant in Combourg. And as well as being good and local, it’s very accessible. The staff is nice too !
  • Del Castello : Home made and cheap pizzas cooked by an incredible staff (very friendly and accessible !). This is the historical pizzeria of Combourg. Pepone is another very good Pizzeria.
  • L’Angevine is another traditionnal Crêperie which has 2 specificities : its own speciality (kind of delicious stuffed potatoes), and a fireplace in the middle of the restaurant that they use for cooking.

Well, if you follow my tips, you should have a great time in my hometown ! 😀


How to get there: There’s many trains going from Dol de Bretagne to Combourg all along the day! For more informations about the timetable, please check out ouisncf.


For more articles about the area around Dol, Mont Saint Michel and other tips, go to our website and visit the blog!

My rate: 4/5

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