Treasure hunt in Saint-Malo!

Looking for the most valuable treasure of a pirate…



Yaarr corsairs! Let me introduce myself, I am Robert Surcouf! King of Corsair! Saint-Malo is where I’m born, it is my bastion and my lair! I even have my own statue in the Corsair city. No one can fool me inside the walls! Well, except yesterday…

Today I’ll ask you a special request. I lost the most important thing for a pirate: I lost my grog! Someone may have taken it from me last night…

That was the sweet grog my grand mother made, and I need it to be able to sail again!

Please, help me to find it! The chowder-headed that took it from me even left some sort of riddle to get it back… Let’s see if we can get some use from it!

First of all, I have that map. I think we should start our investigations from that red cross here!



Are you there? Perfect! Then there is a riddle… but I don’t understand anything! Can you find the answer for me?


Did you get it? I don’t understand anything of that seagull babbling! Well, I think you should write down what you found. It may be useful later, who knows!

My little parrot tells me that the answer we are looking for contains 13 letters... You should keep that in mind when thinking about it, otherwise we may make mistake later…




Ok, I think we’ll get some use of that later… Now what? Oh, wait! The map we had just changed shape as if it was magic! Well it is probably… What kind of sorcery is that! Okay, let’s see it from a closer look.



Well, now that you’re there, I have another riddle for you… As usual I let you handle it, I’m way better on the Sea fighting British people! That reminds me when one day I took the Kent, a British ship! One officer told me:

– You French fight for money, while we British fights for honor!

– Sir, a man fights for what he lacks the most!

I answered! What a good laugh with the lads we had that day…



Once again, I don’t understand anything… Well I hope you’re smarter than me! If you found something, you should write it down.

This time it’s about 14 letters I assume. Don’t make any mistake, we may regret it later!



What is that?! That evil map changed form again! It’s showing another direction now… We should probably have a peek on that. I think it’s almost the end of our quest!




Here we are… Is it the last step before I reach my sweet grog?! Look around, there is a statue here also… Oh, there’s a riddle again!


And finally, we meet, King of Corsair

The nasty dog with you got a good flair

He sniffs me out, me, the guilty party

Though, I won’t offer any delicacy

There’s a last challenge you need to achieve:


Oh, it was René Duguay-Trouin all along! That damn pirate will pay for stealing my succulent grog! The one of my grandmother I said!

He left us some sort of code, maybe we can get something from that…? You should get back the name you wrote from the previous riddles, the answer is in it!

It looks like some sort of address don’t you think? You probably should use that magical device of yours! I’m sure my grog will be in that thief’s lair!



I think it’s here. Shall we enter and finally appreciate the “grog à mémé”? The first glass is on me, you deserve it pal! What a good job you did 😉




If you want some magical advices on the Corsair city, you should have a peek on that!

Here is also a really nice city, known for its castle and old houses!

There you’ll find the manor of that good pal Jacques Cartier!

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