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Have you hard about Saint-Malo? Before that did you know that Brittany is one of the most popular holiday destination for french people? Would you be surprised if I tell you that Mont Saint-Michel isn’t what they are going for in the first place?

I will tell you about another wonder hidden in West of France! That city was know around the world even during 16th century, when it was ruled by pirate such as Robert Surcouf (the king of pirate itself, yaaaarrh!!)!

Maxing up medieval atmosphère with its huge remparts and beautiful seaside resort with the gorgeous beaches surrounding it, the town is also full of story and History!

I’m talking of course about my hometown, Saint-Malo, the Corsair city!


The Corsair city



Saint-Malo is an important touristic destination in Brittany because of one of its district called intra-muros, or ‘within the walls’.  It is a must see in the region & it is really easy to reach from Edd Hostel. There is litteraly trains every hour from Dol de Bretagne!

Once a fortified island, Saint-Malo is now linked to the mainland but with sea all around! Because of this, intra-muros still feels like an island, a little paradise surrounded by walls and beaches 🙂

Start your adventure with a stroll in its narrow streets surrounded by imposing shipowner’s houses, then climb on its ramparts to go around. From there, you’ll be able to watch beautiful landscapes over the sea and beaches. Summer or Winter, doesn’t matter, the view is amazing all year long!

Just wandering around is always a good idea in Brittany, but if you want something like a parkour then have a look on that link! Thanks to that article, you will discover Saint-Malo from another point of view and help the mighty pirate Surcouf finding his precious treasur 😉



Opposite to the old town are two little islands that can be reached at low tide (heed the warnings or you’ll get stuck!). On one is the Vauban-built Fort National, and on the other is the tomb of the writer and politician Chateaubriand, who was born in Saint-Malo in 1768.

I really advice you to get up there, salute Chateaubriand, and then just enjoy the gorgeous view 😉 Seagulls songs and whispers from the waters will accompany you during your contemplation of the sea. I personaly love going there everytime I’m heading for Saint-Malo ! Tasting the quietness of Nature and the sounds of Sea, nothing feel more relaxing to me.

Inside intra-muros of Saint-Malo , you will also discover old cobbled streets, now fulled of shops, bars & restaurants. Others districts are also interesting to visit. Don’t mind entering one of those and taste a delicious Breton speciality such as Kouign Amann or crepe!

If you look carefully, you may find the oldest bar of Saint-Malo called “Le Cafe Du Coin D’en Bas De La Rue Du Bout De La Ville D’en Face Du Port”. Yep, quite a huge name! And it actually means something, I promise! I really advice you to have a drink there, the decoration and atmosphere are just unique 🙂




How to get there: To get to Saint-Malo , take the train in front of Edd hostel (1 every hour). It takes 16 minutes to get to Saint-Malo station from Dol de Bretagne. At Saint-Malo railway station, if you decide to walk, go always straight for 15-20mins and you will arrive in intra-muros. If you want, you can take a bus in front of the station Bus 1,2,3 or 8 or take the direct shuttle if available. You will arrive in front of the main entrance door of Intra Muros where the Tourist Information is.

Where to eat: There is so many restaurants within Intra-Muros! Unfortunately some of them are made for tourists. For nice & unique places, check our adress section.


My rate: 5/5



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