GR34 – One day trip between Dinard & Saint Malo

Another way to discover Saint-Malo and Dinard

Hi Eddplorers ! In this article, i’m going to share with you a trail to visit the Emerald Coast off the beatten track. It’s a 3 hours walk along the sea between Dinard and Saint-Malo.


First step: Take the boat

Let’s go to the Dinan’s door, along the ramparts of Saint-Malo where you will found the Compagnie Corsaire corner to buy your ticket to the boat shuttle. I have enjoyed the 10 minutes crossing to take beautiful pictures of Saint-Malo Intramuros. If like me you start this outing on the morning you will appreciate the morning light on the sea !




1o minutes later…

Here we are in Dinard a famous seaside resort who has been founded on the 19th century by British people. It’s THE upper city on the Emerald Coast… maybe because they organize every years a big movie festival who welcome great artists.

Find the right way

When you arrive in Dinard, go along the beach and you just have to follow the GR34 marker (red and white) on Promenade des Alliés.


Then discover the “Promenade du clair de lune” 

Maybe my favorite part of the walk because it allows you to have a view over Saint-Malo but also to walk along fancy houses who caraterized Dinard the most.

And appreciate the nature

After the beach Plage du Prieuré it’s the wilder part of the way. You are in a peaceful nature. Don’t forget to open your eyes wide, I have even seen a squirrel among pine trees.


Cross the “Barrage de la Rance”

This dam is like the border between the sea and  La Rance river. In this place there is also “l’usine marémotrice” who is a factory who create electricity by the force of the sea. This bridge is also a meeting spot to the fisher of the bay.

On your way, La Tour Solidor

You can’t miss it, I already see this tower when I arrive in Dinard ! This fortress takes integral part of the setting of the harbour. It was built in the middle age in order to protect the estuary.

To finish with a little bit of history

We climb a little and here we are on the top of the Cité d’Aleth. Because of it panorama, so this strategic view on all the bay this cité was an important place during the WWII. Today they are a museum about the WWII, I didn’t visit it but during the walk you can take a look of the strongpoint. That impressed me to see the importance of the tankshells. However this cité will provide you by is preserved environment.


Why I love this walk

I spent a great time to discover this various landscape and some natural corners. This is also an opportunity to access little coves and see locations tipical of Brittany. It’s a way available and so cute !

Now it’s your turn to enjoy this walk ! 

How to get there :

  • Direct train from Dol to Saint-Malo (16mins).  Check schedule at Edd Hostel reception or on SNCF
  • Then go by feet (28mins.) to Porte de Dinan (along the remparts of Saint-Malo Intramuros). You also can take the bus (number 2-1) between the train station and intramuros and walk along the remparts to join Dinan’s door.
  • Take the boat shuttle between Saint-Malo and Dinard. Check schedule at Edd Hostel or on the Compagnie Corsaire website.

Where to eat : If you want to eat local food you can take a break just before the Solidor Tower. Here you have a lot of restaurant with a beautiful view and who offer you mussels with french fries or dish with fish.  If you prefer enjoy nature, you can take your sandwich and choose one of the hidden coves that you can find on your way and eat on the spot.

Useful website :

If you want another trip ideas in Bretagne check on our blog


My rate: 5/5

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