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Awesome activities in Saint-Malo !

Did you already go to the corsair city Saint Malo? Yes? Alright, then did you try nautical activities that this wonderful city offers? I will show you some things I’ve done in Saint Malo!


You won’t get bored in Saint Malo


Saint Malo, the corsair city, is pretty popular among French people wich are coming from everywhere to enjoy its beaches and relaxing atmosphere. But there are still some exciting and fun things to do in this town!

Since it is close by the sea, there’s a lot of nautical activities you can try and enjoy. There is a lot of choices! Of course, for most of it you will need warm clothes depending on the weather.

Here’s my list of favorite nautical activities in Saint Malo 😉


FIRST: Land sailing


Definitely something both easy to learn and really fun to do! Land sailing is a nice way to profit of the strong wind next to the sea. I personally hate wind, but when it comes to land sailing it becomes just awesome 🙂

I’ve already talked about land sailing in that article, but I also really enjoy doing that next to the huge ramparts of Saint Malo. I usually ask the Surf School present in town when I want to do some 🙂

You’ll find all the info to book on that link!


SECOND: Sea kayaking


Now it starts to get seriously wet! Sea kayaking is a nautical activity pretty tiring when you’re not used to it, but it’s worth the effort! No real requirements are needed, except being able to swim of course!

You will discover a whole part of Saint Malo’s waters and watch the area from a different angle 😉 It’s also a good occasion to observe Breton fauna. Of course I recommend to try it out on a sunny weather, for you to enjoy that sea ride in it’s fullest!

If you want to check it out, click on that link! The compagny’s called Corsair Malouin.


LAST: Jet ski


Getting wet doesn’t frighten you? Huge fan of big thrills? Then, jet ski is made for you! It’s absolutely incredible to go at max speed on Saint Malo’s waters, especially when the weather is nice!

I recommend Nautic Motor’s Evasion if interested. You will be under the watch of an instructor, but don’t worry! You’ll still be able to run your ride as you wish (or nearly 😉 )

They are also doing other kind of activities such as going on an off-shore boat or dragging with a towed buoy. That last one is pretty exciting!

Check this blog!


My rate 5/5



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