Land sailing in Mont Saint-Michel Bay

You are coming to see the Mont Saint-Michel  ?


Then why don’t you go and discover more about Mont Saint-Michel bay ! It’s possible to go by bike from EDD hostel ,  Dol de Bretagne.

Did you know the Mont Saint-Michel Bay is one of the most beautiful bay in the world and biggest tide in Europe ? Long time ago, it was a sea until Dol de Bretagne and now Mont Saint-Michel Bay is located between Granville (Normandie ) to Cancale ( Bretagne ). What a beautiful area !



I will show you my day trip to Mont Saint-Michel Bay .

And this time , I did Land sailing in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay !



You first need to reserve before going ! Book direclty in their website :  Avel Char à voile 

9:00 AM 


I left EDD hostel and went to rent a bike at the shop “Romé Cycle” in Dol de bretagne. They have good price for bike renting for a day.

It’s really easy to get to the Mont Saint-Michel Bay from Dol de Bretagne as there is a cycling path ! ( Voie verte ) You only need to follow it ! Departure from Rue des Murets, close to the cathedral.


9:45 AM



It takes more or less one hour if you don’t stop anywhere. But why not start your day with a wonderful view of Mont Saint-Michel’s Bay from the top of the Mont Dol? From up there, you will get a gorgeous view and will be able to see things at miles away! You can even see the Mont Saint-Michel itself if the weather is clear enough! Plus, sunset and sunrise are juste gorgeous from there 😉

Just a tip, let your bike at the bottom and walk to to the top!

I arrived to the Mont Dol, I saw the beautiful Mont Saint-Michel Bay and the Mont Saint-Michel then I went down to take again the voie verte . Follow direction Vivier Sur Mer. You will ride in the middle of fields. How nice it is to feel the nature on that countryside road !


10:45 AM

I finally arrived to Hirel and took a good rest watching a view of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel . It felt so good to smell the salty scent of the sea !

11:30 AM

I did land sailing for one and a half hours. Even tho that was my first experience, I wasn’t scared because the staff showed me how to sail properly . I really enjoyed it ☺


13:45 PM


I decided to eat something before heading back to EDD hostel, and there is one place where I go every time I am at Mont Saint-Michel’s Bay. The restaurant is called ” La Dégustation Tonneau “! They have fresh oysters , mussels , fish soup and other delicious sea products from the Mont Saint-Michel’s Bay .

14:45 PM

I walked around the Mont-Saint-Michel’s Bay after my lunch in purpose to feel one last time the wind from the sea, and then I went back to Dol de Bretagne.

16:15 PM

Came back to EDD hostel and talked about my day with staff and some customers who were staying there ☺


I love Mont-Saint-Michel Bay !

Mont-Saint-Michel Bay is always calm and there are many activities. You can enjoy and chill there even if you don’t want to do sport ! Watching birds, peoples, animals, sea… Just chilling out is the secret when you’re in Brittany!

Cancale and of course the Mont-Saint-Michel are absolutely wonderful, don’t miss any chances to visit thoses places 🙂


HOW TO GET THERE : Take bicycle way ( voie verte ) to  Hirel ( Mont-Saint-Michel Bay ) and it takes more or less one hour by bike.


Where to eat :  Highly recommend  La Dégustation Tonneau



Rental bicycle :

Avel :

Other day trip story :




My rate: 5/5

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