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Cheap week-end trip idea in France!

Hey there! I wonder, did you ever want to spend a week-end in France? What, no? It’s way too expensive you say? Well, it’s true that travelling can be expensive… except if you know all the ways there is to get cheap stuff or accommodation! If I catched your interest, then follow me 😉 I’ll explain to you 2 or 3 things to spend a nice week-end in France, and more precisely Brittany!






Here you are, it’s Friday and you finally landed in France! First thing first, you need to have a look on trains and other ways to go in the main area of your trip: Brittany!

There is different methodx to get the area of Mont Saint-Michel at a cheap price. I’ll explain quickly which are, in my opinion, the best and cheapest ways to travel from Paris to Dol.



Let’s go to Rennes!



Even though there is a direct train Paris – Dol de Bretagne as we explain in that article, that one remains pretty expensive 🙁 The best plan then is to first go to Rennes, the main city of Brittany, and then to Dol! Depending of which way you chose to come, it can even be as fast as taking the direct train Paris – Dol 😉




  • Taking a Ouigo train

That option is the best according to the time/cost, and it’s pretty easy to get as well 😉 Ouigo trains are basically regular trains, but where you need to book your seat first online! Thanks to that method, the train ticket can be way cheaper than a normal one!

With Ouigo, you’ll have to pay from 10 € to 40 € for your trip, depending on when you book and through which platform/trains tation! Just to compare, a basic train ticket from Paris to Rennes is usually around 90 €, so that’s a huge difference 🙂

From Paris to Rennes by TGV (High Speed Train, which are our national trains), it only takes less than 2 hours to get Rennes!

I advise you to take your ticket on Ouisncf, which is the official website concerning trains in France! The website is available in English also 😉


  • Taking a Blablabus

From far the cheapest option, Blablabus is also the longest. It takes from 5 to 7 hours to get Rennes from Paris by taking a bus, but the price is extremely cheap! It varies, also depending on when you book and which platform, from 1 € to 18 €!

You can look for Flixbus, which also propose a lot of cheap bus trip from Paris to Rennes. In any case, if you want to book, you should go to the website Ouisncf again! Blablabus is part of the SNCF, that’s why it is the same website 😉




  • Taking a Blablacar

That’s probably the most interesting way to come in my opinion! And that’s what I’m using also sometimes (when there is no Ouigo train, for example, I personally dislike long bus trip 😉 )

Blablacar is a carpooling website really used in France by French and even outsiders sometime. It’s pretty convenient and ecologic! That’s also a pretty good way to get a first taste of the local culture, since car drivers are often eager to talk a bit! The website is pretty well done, and you can even see if the person can speak English or not 😉

Blablacar is the just middle between trains and bus, since it will take you around 2 to 3 hours trip for around 20 € to 30. Of course, it depends a lot of the person! The huge plus with that option is that you can have some chat with a local, and even some recommendations!



And from Rennes then?


Once in the main city of Brittany, the best choice in my opinion will be to take a regular train. From Rennes to Dol de Bretagne it will only cost from 8,6 € to 10 €, and last around 40 minutes!

Little tip: Don’t forget to check on the special discounts (about your age for example) that exists for trains! Tickets can even be cheaper that way 😉

Once you arrive in Dol de Bretagne, go through the tunnel after getting out your train, and go directly right as explained in that article. You’ll soon find Edd Hostel, where the night in dorm is from 23 €!


That’s a good thing that you arrived on Friday, because Saturday morning is a bit special in Dol de Bretagne! There is indeed a morning market every week! That’s the perfect occasion for you to buy some local -and really good- food from Brittany! It’s pretty cheap on the market, and it’s always high-quality stuff 🙂




It depends a lot about you, but let’s say you spend around 5 to 10 € in the market (that’s usually what I spend) in some cheese, bread, organic vegetable…

For your 12h lunch, you can try our special hot dog Breton, “la galette saucisse”, which is around € in the market. Or come back at the hostel to try what you got in the market! We have a fridge and a microwave for guests in the common room.



Morning is done, but about afternoon?


Well, you can easily go to Saint-Malo, the Corsair city! That’s a very nice place to visit, and train ticket in and out are only 5 € as a total! And there’s plenty trains per day going to that city. The trip last only about 16 minutes. Don’t forget to check the discounts 😉

Inside Saint-Malo, don’t mind trying a Kouign Amann, a really good Breton pastry, for about 2,5 €. You can easily find it just wandering around the walled city. We explain here what you can do in Saint-Malo. That local pastry will easily fill you up until dinner!

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can come back at Edd Hostel to eat the food you got in the market or at Super U, which is 5 min away by foot. At the hostel, a glass of wine is 2,5 €. That way you can chat with the other travelers and have a nice end of the day!




Last day, Sunday!



Once again, I can propose several choices to you, depending on how much you want to spend and what you want to do… But let’s start our day with a nice breakfast at Edd Hostel 😉


  • Of course, you can go to Mont Saint-Michel! As explained in that article, way in and way out by bus will be around 15 €, and you will be able to enjoy Mont Saint-Michel and its bay.

I really don’t advise you to eat onsite though… Mont Saint-Michel is quite a touristic place, and everything is super expensive! The best idea I can give you is to prepare you lunch from leftovers of what you got in the market. Don’t forget to get some bread at any bakery in Dol de Bretagne before taking the bus! All bakeries of Dol de Bretagne also prepare sandwiches 😉



  • Or you can decide to go to Dinan, the medieval city! This time, way in and way out is only € as a total and it is through a train (which means possible discounts!). As we say in that article, that town is also really gorgeous and worth the visit!

If you want to eat onsite, maybe something interesting you can do is to find a good “creperie” restaurant. Those are specialized in “galette” making, which is a traditional dish from Brittany! From 10 € you can have a cheap and delicious meal in Dinan.

Well, of course if you don’t want to spend more money, you can also do the same as for Mont Saint-Michel and eat the leftovers. It would be sad to left it behind 😉


Unfortunately, it’s time to come back…


Once again, you can choose either Ouigo trains, BlablaBus or BlablaCar to get back to Paris. Don’t forget that you need to go to Rennes before!

With all my suggestions, you’ll have a great week-end in Brittany! For your whole trip, and depending on your options, it will cost from 50 to 80 €!


I hope that little article gave you some cheap but still great ideas about trip in Brittany!

Don’t forget to check that article on our lovely region where there’s even more recommandations 😉



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