Visit Rennes before coming in Dol de Bretagne

Rennes is prefecture of Brittany. There are many activities in this city and many big events occur such as festivals or art exhibition.

The main city of Brittany!

The town is known for its classique and medieval heritage conservation, but its remain a big student city when there is always something happening. Will you believe if we tell you that Rennes was ranked 1st in the prize list of City where life is good?

Rennes is not so far from Edd Hostel, it is at 40 minutes by train or car.


Here comes what you must do


  • If you come on Saturday morning, be sure to not miss the market in the hall Martenot. It’s always a good idea to get some fresh product from Brittany 😉 Even week days some shops are open !! Or there is “Halles Central market” open everyday from 8am untill 19pm you can enjoy the french market and the cute hall from 20th century.


  • Have a look on the restored Saint-Pierre cathedral, where dukes used to be crowned back in time!


  • Visit the Parliament of Brittany for 7,20 euros, or, if it’s Summer, just look at it at night time! It will be illuminated all Summer and the spectacle is just gorgeous.


  • Look for Sainte-Thérèse church, a historical classified monument, which is presenting nice Odorica mosaic for the pleasure of the eyes.


  • Then take a walk in Saint-Anne square, where several houses are historical monuments classified. Those houses and the paved street make you feels like you where back in Middle-Age sometime, except at night time. Indeed, the square is also full of bars and pubs and is very lovely when the Sun is down. A good place if you want to have a drink and rest on a terrace at day time or have fun when night comes.


  • Speaking of having fun, you can also check for all the events that occurs in the city. There’s always something happening there, like Heritage Day, music festivals like Stunfest, special parties such as roller blading party etc…



How to get there: Direct train from Dol de Bretagne 40 minutes, you can check schedules with us at Edd Hostel or online on


Where to eat: Rennes is a huge town, and there’s many places where you can eat. However, if you want to eat local the better thing is to go at Saint-Anne square and walk around. There’s plenty of good restaurant hiding in those streets! 😉



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