Kouign amann

Kouign Amann, our regional Butter Cake is Rewarded !

The Kouign Amann: one of the best-ever recipes!

Hey Hey! The famous Web Site Food and Wine just mentioned the Kouign Amann (Butter cake in Breton), one of our most famous specialties in its “40 best-ever recipes“. Can you believe that delicious pastry from Brittany made it to the top?! We do! 😀

As they wrote in the article, the Kouign Amann is not too different from making croissants, which are both rich in dough and butter. But here it melts and brows as it bakes, producing a very specific aroma.


Simple but effective, best pastry from Brittany

The sugar included in the Kouign Amann also creates crisp and golden caramelized bits (irresistible, to be honest). Actually, it is my favorite dessert since I’m a toddler, and it was one of the main dishes my grandmother used to cook. That was just the best after school!

As you guessed, this is definitely not something to eat when you make a diet. However, it’s definitely something to taste when you visit Brittany, as you won’t find it anywhere else! 😉

It is pretty common in Brittany since you can find those in every single bakery! Sometimes, bakers add special extras in it, like chocolate for example, which makes it even tastier.

If you’re planning on visiting us at Edd Hostel during the week-end, the best advice we can give you is to wander around the main street. It is market day on Saturday morning, and some stands are selling their own Kouign Amann 😉

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Hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂

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