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My job as receptionist at Edd Hostel

Hey there !

This blog article is a special one : I’m going to talk about my summer experience : my receptionist job in a hostel in brittany, precisely at Edd Hostel !!

First, let me Introduce myself.

My name is Guillaume, I’m a 22 years old french boy studying Marketing in university from september 2018. After 8 months in Berlin (basically to improve my german (I improved my nightlife too)) I decided to go back to France and to find a job before starting University.

One day I saw this announce online : “Edd Hostel is looking for a receptionist (…) speaking fluent English (…) who has already been in several hostel blablabla” and I thought “Maaaaan this job is mine!”.

This is basically how I became receptionnist here.

So now I’m going to explain how interesting and enriching was this experience !

1st point – Meeting people from anywhere in the world


Definitely the most exciting part ! I met so many people from so many different areas ! Because doing a receptionist job in a hostel in brittany, is not only welcoming the guests and giving the cards. It’s also about discussing, making the guests feel good, giving tips, learning from each other… I ‘ve loved it !

I improved my skills in English and German too ! It’s always been a pleasure to go to work everyday thanks to this aspect.

One day, the day of the World Cup Final game (Allez les bleus ??), I was actually working at the Hostel and watched the game with some guests (we have a massive flat TV screen ?). After the game, a guest arrived for the check-in. He was indian and soooo nice, we’ve been talking for hours and then we decided to go out together after work ! I mean, We just had won the Worldcup, we had to celebrate it ! I brought him to all the best places to have a drink (and more ?). What a night in Dol de Bretagne ! So that’s how I made a good friend this day. Just one more proof that being receptionist is not just staying behind the bar !

2nd point – various activities


Reception, Barman, Community Manager, Blog Writer, Room cleaner (?)… I had various activities during this 2 months.

I had so much fun using Facebook and writing blogs. It feels so good to represent a brand online ! Furthermore, the Backpackers community is very chill and open minded so I always had good feedbacks, which is cool !  ?

3rd point – Edd Hostel Room cleaning


This activity deserves its own chapter in the blog. I mean, that is the most exciting part of the job isn’t it ? Ok, Just kidding.

I spent more time cleaning the rooms in the Hostel than cleaning my own bedroom in my whole life (I never clean my room though).

And I realized one thing : Removing hairs in the bathroom is the worst thing ever ! ? It’s so hard to remove ! I also thought women’s hair were harder to deal with but not at all ! Men’s hair is even worst, it’s smaller and everywhere ?. I hate beardy men since then (I’m obviously joking) ! ?


I spent 2 awesome months meeting backpackers from all over the world and dealing with all operationnal tasks  a place like Edd Hostel requires. It’s always been a pleasure to go to work. That’s for me the perfect job if you like socializing with people and helping them !

That’s all for me ! So here was my experience as a receptionist job in a hostel in brittany!  I wish my successor good luck and thank you for reading this blog ! Read our others blogs to discover the Region, specialities and traditions ! ?

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  • Beaucher  - 

    Je reconnais ton humour….et ta prodigieuse capacité à t adapter…..je suis fière de mon grand petit fils……MC

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