HUITRES Baie de Cancale

Cancale & its oysters

Cancale is the place to eat oysters and sea products!

Delicious oysters and sea products from Cancale! It’s so good that the town was given, in 1994, the title “Remarkable site of taste”. Oysters from this town used to be eaten by kings themselves!

The best advice we can give you is to walk in the city of Cancale, especially the port. There are a lot of activity next to the sea in Cancale, and the view from there is just gorgeous! You can even see the Mont Saint-Michel!! At night time, the port is illuminated, and it is even prettier.




There is oyster market in the port and you can buy oysters directly from them! You can sit next to the oyster market then eat fresh oysters with French white wine 🙂  According to locals, throwing your empty oyster into the sea will give you luck.

Have a look on the marine farm, just in front of the oyster market where you will know all about oysters.


Do you love the sea and aren’t you afraid of water?

Then you will enjoy a ride on “La Cancalaise” in Cancale, beautiful old fashion way boat made in 1987! The ride cost 72 euros and last 9 hours, but it’s Worthing it! The Al Lark association, protector of Dolphin, also offer a ride on their boat to have a look on the marine environment for 55 euros. Who knows, maybe you will see a Dolphin family?


There is hiking trail GR34

Don’t miss «La pointe du Grouin», located on the GR34 hiking trail. When you’re up there, you got a beautiful view of the sea, from the Fréhel cape to Granville and the Mont Saint-Michel bay.



How to get there: Direct train from Dol to Saint-Malo 16mins. Then take a bus (number 5) from Saint-Malo to Cancale 30min. Check schedule at Edd Hostel reception or on Ouisncf website.

Where to eat: You can eat oysters from the oyster market or there is famous Japanese restaurant where you can eat Japanese food with all the product from Bretagne. Or you will find ” crêperie ” Cancale is quite touristic so there is plenty of options.



La Cancalaise

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My rate: 5/5

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