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Crossing the Mont Saint Michel bay by foot

You’re feeling special today and want to do things with an uncommon way? Then we might have something just for you in the Mont Saint Michel bay!


Mont Saint Michel bay by foot

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It is indeed possible to get the 8th wonder of the world by crossing its bay… when the tide is low of course! The Mont Saint Michel will grow bigger and bigger as you walk toward it. It is really impressive! It’s actually like living, for one moment, a fairytale…

If you like listening to the seagulls songs and just enjoy the fresh marine wind, that walk was made for you!


Be carefull tho!


Even if it sound nice to cross the bay by yourself, we do not recommend you to do that at all!!

Indeed, Mont Saint-Michel bay could be very dangerous if you are by yourself. Between quicksands and high tide, accident can happen very fast!

Here in Brittany, there is a saying about the tide. “Tide is so fast that it runs at the speed of a galloping horse”. It’s not true, of course, but the water still reach the speed of a man walking! Plus, since the bay is really flat, the sea can surround you very quickly without you noticing it.


How can you cross the bay, then?

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We highly recommend to hire a guide that will lead you trough the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, and avoid you the trouble to discover how a quicksand is working! 

The guide himself is formed to make you cross the bay in a safe way, and he is also able to talk about the Mont Saint Michel, its story, and the story of its bay.


How to do that: By following that link you will find the info of every guide of the Mont Saint Michel.

Where to eat: You will find a lot of restaurant in the Mont Saint Michel, but we advise you to get food before coming in. Prices could be pretty high once in there! Why not buy a sandwich in Dol de Bretagne and eat them at Mont Saint Michel 😉



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