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Visit Jersey from Saint-Malo!

Did you know you can visit Jersey from Saint-Malo ? Are you eager to discover about History and legacy? Or you just want to have a nice break over the sea? Keep reading, because in that article you will learn how to get to Jersey island from Saint-Malo, and what kind of wonderful things you can do out there 😉


Between British and Normand


Jersey is known to share both British and Normand culture, but do you know that the island was also the cradle of some Celtic origins? You can indeed find some Dolmen on the island, proof of its common roots with Brittany 🙂

It even belonged to Brittany at some point, around the 9th century. But, during the 10th century, Vikings (ancestor of Normand people) took it over from Celtic (which are the ancestors of Breton people)! It is pretty funny, because even now Breton people and Normand people share some sort of rivalry 🙂 Mont Saint-Michel is ours!

But I digress, let’s talk about what is really interesting about that island! What we can see and visit!


How to get to Jersey from Saint-Malo?


If you want visit Jersey from Saint-Malo, the best option remains to call out the Condor Ferries. Those boats can lead you to Jersey in a short time and for only 34 pounds (so around 38 euros). Time travel is most likely around 1h25, so fairly fast! To get there is also pretty easy, since it’s only at 20-30 minutes from the train station by foot 🙂

go to jersey

The company itself provides you a nice and cozy travel and can of course pick you up in Jersey in order to get back Saint-Malo!

You will find here all the schedules about trips Saint-Malo => Jersey, and Jersey => Saint-Malo.

Here’s some informations about both Saint-Malo harbor and Jersey harbor, you should read it 😉


What can I visit in Jersey?


If you like sea type of activities, gorgeous land/seascapes or just if you’re interest in the History of the island, you will find exactly what you need on Jersey 😉

But since I’m more into hiking trails and discovering nature, let’s start by talking about what I have experienced when I visit Jersey!

You will arrive at first in the port of Saint-Helier. I’d advise you to either buy things from the start, either at the end of your trip. In any case, if you want to shop, Saint-Helier is the place to do so! Lots of shops and stands lies in that city, and it feel really cozy to just hang around in town. All the shops are selling quality and, most importantly, VAT free product from UK! You don’t want to miss that!

In the main street of St Helier where all the shops stand, I really liked the greetings card shop such as Hallmark. We do not have this kind of shops in France and for me it is really English and I love them!


day trip Jersey



Also, I absolutely loved having a traditional “Tea Time” there. I just felt like jumping into United Kingdom’s culture. “Afternoon Tea” is basically: drinking good tea while eating delicious British pastries and sandwiches 😀

Before my eyes I saw every kind of finger sandwiches, scones and Victoria Sponge cake exactly like you can see on the picture above. At the basis, the Afternoon Tea was meant to replace the dinner at some point, that’s also why there’s so much food to accompany the tea! Well, the perfect way to end your day in my opinion 😉 I went to Grand Jersey Hotel to take the Afternoon Tea and I can only recommend it. Yummy!

Then, I advise you to take a bus if you want to reach interesting places in Jersey. You can buy ticket (or pass) to any bus driver!

One way is 2,2 pounds (2,40 euros), and a 1-day pass is at the price of 8 pounds (so around 9 euros). What I always do is taking the day pass, that way you don’t have to bother about ticket anymore 🙂

Here’s a map about the different lines! If you decide to visit Jersey from Saint-Malo maybe your first stop should be the Toursit Info center to get a map of the island!



Next stop, beaches and castles!


Since we’re on an island, of course there’s a lot of beaches everywhere! I think the best one is St Brelade’s bay in the South. It’s a gorgeous beach where the waters are always warm (;D), but be careful, there’s a lot of people here especially during Summer! You can also go to St Ouen’s Bay, which is known to be a nice surfing area if you surf a little bit.

visit jersey

About the castles, the first you will easily notice when you’ll arrive in Saint-Hélier is Elizabeth’s castle! That nice castle stands apart from the main island on a little islet 🙂 Don’t worry, you can access it by foot when it’s low tide, and in case it’s high tide there’s a taxi ferry you can call 😉

One of the best castle though is located East from Saint-Hélier! You can go there by foot, but it could be a bit long since it’s 6 km away. The best is probably to take the line N°2 of bus to gain it. The castle, named Mont Orgueil Castle, is 800 years old and just impressive! It stands over the fishing village of Gorey, which is also pretty charming 🙂


Then, some activities!


Some nice tours

First but not least, you can start your journey by a RIB boat trips around Jersey and its surrounding waters. Those ballads are provided by Seafaris Jersey and are a really good way to explore the sea nearby Jersey! Seafaris include Les Écréhous and Les Minquiers, incredible offshore islands, great for dolphin (like there!), seal spotting (like here!) and incredible scenery (sounds familiar!).

Talking about location, you will be able to find them at St. Catherine’s Breakwater or St. Helier, depending on which Seafari you book. You can book a ballad directly through them at their office, but I do recommend contacting them in advance by phone (+44 (0) 7829 772222) or mail ( 😉 That way you assure yourself a seat on board!

Here you will find their website!


About History

Finally, if you’re an History addict, let’s talk about Jersey Military Tour! With that group you will explore Jersey with a specialist, Marc Yates, Accredited Member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides!

His specialties? Megalithic Jersey in pre-History, German occupation and Jersey military History and battlefields. Basically, you will have a whole tour about the global History of Jersey, starting by Celt origins until what happened there during WWII.

Marc will also make you discover the bunkers and fortifications Jersey used during the war and will also show you several Celts artefact and historic weapons.

The thing that is super convenient is that they can pick you up from wherever you are (well, on Jersey of course!). With their private car they use to do tours, they will also make you visit the greatest sceneries of the island 😉

You can contact them through that e-mail or by phone at +44 (0) 7797969818!

Here’s also their website if interested 😉


Well, there’s of course a lot more to discover about Jersey (other tours, beaches, castles, historic places…), but those are just my favorite! Remember before leaving to have a nice Afternoon Tea old fashioned way ;D

If I made you want to discover more about the island, tell me in comments and, if you already discovered Jersey, tell me what’s the place you preferred the most!




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A little word about Saint-Malo.

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