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Hidden Wonders of the Western World

I wonder what those wonders are!


Are you hungry for special destinations? Special little hidden gems that no one has ever thought of visiting? Well, you’re in the good place! Here’s some unusual little places and wonders you can find in Brittany!


First, the quiet Mont Dol


Let’s start big with the ancestor of the Mont Saint-Michel itself!

Mont-Dol was indeed, in the 7th century, the first place where the cult of Saint-Michel started. Back at that age, Mont Dol was also surrounded by water, which made it almost like a hill above the sea!

It’s also for that precise reason that Mont Dol provides a beautiful view of the surrounding lands. You will also be able to watch the sea and the Mont Saint-Michel itself! You just need to walk till the top of the hill, and that’s it.

At the bottom of Mont Dol there is also a quiet little Breton village of 1000 inhabitant, which is also really nice to visit and walk in. That place is the easiest you can get from Edd Hostel since it is located at 5 km only from Dol de Bretagne! That’s perfect for a little ride by bike 😉


Second, the little village of Léhon


Next, let’s visit a typical village from Brittany!

If you’re looking for a pictorial French town, where you’re sure to be the only backpacker around, you’ll need to have a look on Léhon!

This quiet little village is not even known by most French people! But it is a pleasant place to be. You can find ruins of an old castle, an abbey with a beautiful garden and the most important, peace and tranquility.

You can reach it by going in Dinan by train, then head south by walking along the river “La Rance”. After about 30 minutes of walking surrounded by nature and the river, you will reach Léhon and its old stone bridge!


Third, the explorer lair Rothéneuf


Get some fresh air in that seaside city!

Not far from Saint-Malo you will find Rothéneuf, little city next to the sea where you will enjoy hanging around 🙂

The great French explorer Jacques Cartier used to live in that little town, in the manor de Limoël, which stands in the highest point of Rothéneuf. It is now a museum you can visit if you want to learn about Jacques Cartier and his life as a traveler!

The village itself is just next to the sea, and grants you access to the beach just next to it. Of course, you’ll be the only tourist around there! The town is not far from the GR34, a hiking trail along the Brittany coasts.

You will also be able to find the carved rocks of Rothéneuf, more than 300 incredible stone statues made by only one old man!

You can go to Rothéneuf by bus from Saint-Malo. Visiting Saint-Malo and Rothéneuf could be a good plan for a day trip 😉


There is, of course, a lot more wonders and hidden gems in Brittany you can visit! To know all about those, just have a look on our travel blog. You will probably get some good travel ideas 😉


My rate 5/5



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