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Story of the Cider

Would you perhaps be an amateur of cider? You love this sweet apple taste? But have you ever wondered about its history? Because you know, no matter how popular it is, cider has different uses depending in the country where it is sold! Here in this article, we are going to tell you more about the story of the cider;)



1- Origins





The cider was already present in the Antiquity, with Hebrews, Egyptians and Romans people. Afterwards, during the Gallo-Roman Area, the Bask people (Region in the North of Spain and South of France), exported lots of cider with Normandy and English islands, through the sea. Then in the Middle Age, the Bask sailors introduced the cider and its manufacture to the Normand and Breton people, that expended it through the Mediterranean Sea! It is now available in no less than 43 countries in the world 😀

Fun fact: In 1910, the biggest consumption recorded was in Rennes itself: 400Liters per year! Yes… We do looove cider in Brittany! 😀

Did you know that in the 19th Century, cider was the second most consumed drink in France? (After the wine of course!)



2- How it is made




The first thing you need to know is that Cider is “Fermented apple“. First you need to pick up your apples. Then, you need to let them finish their maturing in some really dry space. After a while, when the apples have reached the apogee of its maturing: the maximum level of sugar and taste; then it is ready to be brewed!

To make sure you have to best quality of cider, you’ll need to throw away all the moldy apples.

You then must procure yourself a fine crusher, to avoid making mash out of the apples, but instead get most of the juice from it!

Finally, there’s a few steps left: the fermentation of the juice in some tanks (it’s called winery); then the pressing of the remaining pulps; afterwards it will vary between the extraction and the fermentation. 🙂

Last step: Put it in bottles and drink it!! 😀



3- Cider in the World





The first time I got really surprised by the different use of cider was during my travel in New-Zealand! Did you know that they drink cider in cans? I couldn’t believe it! It was such a profanity for me, traditional cider lover! 😀

In the UK, you can find most of the time pressure cider in bars! And it’s really usual for them to drink it like beer.

Did you know that you can also find cider in Asia? Particularly in some mountain valleys in Nepal: the region’s name is “Marsyangdi“! 😀



4- Cider in Brittany





I’m going to be honest with you… Here, in Brittany/Bretagne, we are real cider lovers!! But contrary as some countries in the world, we view cider as an accompaniment of a heart-warming atmosphere… For example, for family gatherings, or at the restaurant!

We have the choice between Soft Cider which is really sweet (my favorite!)  or Dry Cider which has more of a strong taste to it.

Furthermore, that’s not all of it! We like to buy our cider in those big wine bottles… And serve it in bols specially made for it! We even have a name for it: “Bolée” 😀 . I like to see the surprised expression of Edd Hostel’s guests, the moment they realize we drink our cider in those bols :p .

So yes, when you come at Edd Hostel, you can experiment this strange sensation that is to drink cider in one of our bols! We sell big bottles of cider, as well as a small one (33cl) for that solo travelers don’t have to reach the extent of drinking 75cl all at once! But know that it is a rare thing to see small cider bottles in our area 😉 .





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