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Railway strike : travelling in France

Railway strikes? You’ve got no idea about what it could possibly be? Then we’re sorry, but you can’t hide it from us anymore: we know you’ve never been to France! To put it short, the railway strike is one of our main national sport … but don’t you worry! So here you will see when there’s a Train strike in Brittany, what to do? Because yes, yes! We have plenty of other ways to travel in France! Here is our best off:


1.       Bus companies

Since 2015, few companies deal cheap tickets to travel around Europe and France. You can easily book online and let them drive you to your destination. The easiest! Plus, you’ve got on board some free wifi, reclinable seats, air conditioning, and plug sockets. They are available on most buses; and to make sure I’ve got more chances for the wifi, I personally always cross my fingers before boarding! You can find buses from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel from 19€ if you book it early enough! For an example, you can arrive on a Saturday, and go back on the next Monday, for you to have at least 3 days to visit the Mont Saint Michel, Saint Malo, and Dol de Bretagne all together! (what to see around!) . To reach our place from Mont-Saint-Michel, there’s a daily bus at 16h05 in front of the Tourist Information Office (Mont Saint-Michel article).

The other options would be to take a bus to Saint-Malo or to Rennes. From there, you can then reach Dol de Bretagne by the TER (our regional train). During strikes, some regional trains are cancelled but as there is plenty of them going on through the day, you will be able to catch one for sure, so don’t you worry! You can check out the prices by clicking on the links below:

For Ouibus website, click here!

For Flixbus website, click here!

For Isiline website, click here!


2.       Carpooling

Thanks to the internet, carpooling is now the most available for us! You just need to create yourself an account, check your travel options and then pay online. Carpooling accounts are verified and certified, so be reassured, there’s nothing to be scared of. You can enjoy yourself an unique experience, as to share a moment with our weird people that you like to call frogs. And therefore, in the same time as you travel through France, this might help you with improving your french language skills!! But if you’re a beginner, please don’t you worry yourself about the language barrier with the driver, signs language is  always an option that’s left.

Our advice would be for you to check your driver’s account, so you can get yourself a better idea as for the person’s profil and his/her experience in carpooling.  Also, before booking, remind yourself to ask them where they’re leaving from, especially if it’s in big cities!

So do it!! Be brave! Be an explorer!

Most famous carpooling website in France: Blablacar!


3.       Hitchhiking

Is it safe? Can everyone do it? Does it work? YES, of course it is the most uncertain way to travel, but it’s also the best way to meet incredible people! If you choose to do it, it would be a great experience for sure! French people are used to pick up hitchhikers, so it should work, specially if you have a big smile on your face. Be patient, choose your spot carefully (ask the people around what would be the best place for it) and don’t forget to check the forecast before starting. Also, we recommend you to have a sign with your destination and your nationality written on it. For exemple : “Je suis Canadien et je veux visiter Dol de Bretagne!” (I am Canadian and I want to visit Dol de Bretagne !). In period of railway strikes, people are usually more willing to help each others 😉


If you need some help with organizing your adventure through France, and more specifically in our beautiful Celtic region, do not hesitate to ask us! (even if there’s no railway strikes going on) . You can also check out our other articles!

Well now, we wish you good luck for your travel in France during strikes, it can also be a charming and cliché way to see France!

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