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Staying in an hostel in Mont Saint-Michel?

Wondering where to stay in Mont Saint-Michel? There are hostels close to Mont Saint-Michel and Edd Hostel is one of them.

You have different accomodation types around the Mont and we will explain you everything in this article.



What are my options?


auberge de jeunesse mont saint michel



What tourists usually does, is to take a tour bus. That’s indeed the common idea & the most famous one: taking a tour from Paris. It won’t be difficult to find a hostel in the capital since it is a big city after all. Then from Paris you will be able to go on a tour to Mont Saint-Michel by bus pretty easily.

If… of course, you can afford it! Auberge de jeunesse in Paris aren’t super cheap, especially during Summer! Restaurants will also be expensive, and you will just go out to see the famous areas and then go back to your hotel. Pretty sad in my opinion.

The bus for the Mont Saint-Michel is a tour guide, which won’t allow you to explore the Mont Saint-Michel freely like a real eddplorer… and you’ll miss something really important while travelling: freedom!

Maybe you should turn your sight toward a way fresher and nicer experience: Brittany! From there Mont Saint Michel is close, you can visit other places and the most important: no Parisians waiters in our places.




Why Brittany?


Well, first of all, Brittany is a beautiful and wild region. We do not have big cities, the biggest is Rennes with less than 250 000 inhabitants. Brittany is the perfect place to enjoy nature and fresh air! Actually, here, you will be able to get the purest and healthiest air in the world! Sometimes it will smell bad, ok yes, we have lot of farms around! But I swear, walking in Saint-Malo during a windy day, will make you breath fresh air that will for sure rejuvenate you!

What is more beautiful that the nature itself! Let’s explore the wildness of the region and villages! Enough of big international store chains that you will find everywhere! Getting lost in small villages, that’s an experience!

We know it is not the 1st destination you think when you want to sleep at Mont Saint-Michel, but Brittany is really close to the Mont itself. Did you know half of the bay of the Mont is in Brittany and that the other part is in Normandy?



Mont Saint Michel hostel




Staying in Brittany instead of doing a daytrip to Mont Saint-Michel from Paris will be a fantastic experience in the real France. That’s why you are travelling, don’t you?

Another advantage of travelling in Brittany to see Mont Saint-Michel is the prices of accommodation. It will be cheaper than in big cities or to sleep at Mont Saint-Michel itself! Your wallet will thank you so much when it’ll learn that!

Tips for you & just for you: Mont Saint-Michel is a touristic place, so everything is expensive there.




Where in Brittany?


And the answer is … Dol de Bretagne!


Mont Saint Michel



Dol de Bretagne is only at 2h09 by TGV from Paris! That’s right, direct trains from Paris arrive in our city. Dol de Bretagne is a nice city, small enough to be calm and big enough to find basics (grocery store, laundry, clothes, restaurants and even a Kebab!).

Full of history it is really worth visiting the city center, the menhir and the cathedral. Although, inhabitant of Dol de Bretagne are pretty friendly and helpful. It happens that they come along guests from the hostel! I remember talking with a guest from New Zealand, she was asking me if it is normal that people greet each other in the street! That’s the best example of how it is in small town, polite & sincere people!

A big advantage of sleeping in Dol is that everything is at walking distance and with google map nowadays it is hard to get lost right?

More seriously, what I like the most in Dol de Bretagne (after Edd Hostel) is its location. Dol de Bretagne is awesomely located to explore the region with or without a car! Take your time during your trip in France and Europe, we know you have your bucket list to check but there is so much to see! Check our other article it will give you some ideas: Saint-Malo, Dinan, Cancale




What accommodation in Dol? Une auberge de jeunesse / hostel?


Well, this is the true part of our article, the one where we will be completely honest with you:  the best choice to sleep near Mont Saint-Michel is of course Edd Hostel! Hostel means Auberge de jeunesse.


hostel dol de bretagne



Our Auberge de jeunesse is a cool place in Dol de Bretagne, just few meters from the train station! But no worries it is a new building made not to hear the trains!

As I said before from Edd Hostel and thanks to the location you will be able to see many beautiful destinations in less than 30mins transport. We are always proud to say that going to Saint Malo is as easy as taking the metro, just 16mins ride.

But the main advantage of staying at Edd Hostel in addition to its trendy interior and awesome coffee, is to meet the team. The Edd team, the best hostel team ever! Look at their smile…


edd hostel team



If you feel lost and lonely, there’s is always someone from the Edd team to talk with you and to help you organizing your trip! From Mont Saint-Michel to Saint-Malo, we know everything about our region, and we love sharing that mighty knowledge with everyone asking for it.

And if really you get bored, don’t forget there’s some activities to do inside Edd Hostel as well! Movie night session, incredible walking tour (hey it’s free!), awesome quizz and more.


Moreover in 2 years we received 73 nationalities. For sure you will make new encounters and talk all night about travel with your new best friends.



backpacking france




I hope my article helped you to decide where to sleep at Mont Saint-Michel. Do not hesitate to read our other articles about solo backpacking or how to travel by train in France they will help you to live a real experience while travelling in France off road.


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