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What to do when it’s raining?

As you may know, the weather in Brittany is a little bit like Breton people: capricious! The day starts with black clouds in the sky and it’s raining cats and dogs. But then, suddenly, the sun appears in a shyly way between the clouds and, finally, it’s sunny as if it was Summer time! And it could be the total opposite of course!


Should I sing in the rain?


However, Breton people are always prepared to those kind of events, and they know exactly what to do when it’s raining. There’s a list of things you can still do while it’s raining outside, depending on where you are 😉




Let’s start with the beginning with the city where Edd Hostel stands!

First thing you can do, and I’m pretty sure you already thought about that, just grab an umbrella at the hostel reception 🙂 We will only ask you a deposit of 10 euros, and then you can go outside, free to sing something if you want!


Let’s get serious now. In Dol de Bretagne, there is a place that is full of History and that you can visit freely without being afraid of getting wet.

That place is the Cathedral of Saint-Samson, in the old streets of Dol. From the year 555 to the 12th century, the Cathedral was the siege of the bishopric (and, around the 10th century, the archbishopric of the whole Brittany!) of Dol de Bretagne.

It evolved through time, and now became a mix between Normand style and Gothic style in its architecture, which makes it unique even for France standards!



Just next to the Cathedral, you can also visit the Cathédraloscope! It is a museum about Cathedrals, their design and history. They propose activities like little game and riddle games to discover about the museum and Cathedral in a general way. You will also be able to do workshops about several themes, like master glassmaker or even stonecutter 😉



Here you are, laying on the beach “Bon Secours” of Saint-Malo, enjoying the warm touch of the Sun, but then… a drop is falling on your nose! What can you possibly do, in the famous Corsair City, while it’s raining?



The weird building you’re looking on that picture is the culture center “La Grande Passerelle” of Saint-Malo! Really easy to access, since it stands just in front of Saint-Malo’s train station 🙂

That place is a melting pot of several thing: media center, specialized author cinema if you love the 7th Art, themed area about Brittany’s heritage, themed zone about sea knowledge… you’ll even find a place about video games!

“La Grande Passerelle” is also an exhibition scene. Indeed, the culture center organize sometimes exhibition limited in time about historical documents, ancient collections and even famous author of the Corsair City!


If getting wet made you angry and tense, then you probably need to go to “Les Thermes Marins” of Saint-Malo!

That huge center of Thalassotherapy is the perfect place to chill out and get relaxed after a tough day 😉 Between swimming pools, hammams and training place, you have a lot of choice! You can choose several options, most famous one are a full day of healing therapy or half a day. And all of this facing the sea of Saint-Malo, just next to the beach “Le Sillon”, which is just great!


Dinan is such a lovely city to visit and walk in that even under the rain you can appreciate its nice Breton atmosphere. We can even say that rain makes it more authentic 🙂 The town is known for its medieval heritage, so you may enjoy visiting some of its ancient buildings.



Starting by the most obvious one, The castle of Dinan! That middle age castle stands here since the 13th century. The architecture of the castle was of course updated trough time. In the 14th century workers added the residence tower to the building. Then, during the 15th century, duke François II order the building of the Coëtquen tower.

Located South from the train station, on the side of “La Rance”, the river that goes along the town, you won’t be able to miss it!

You can get more information about it by phone: 02 96 39 45 20 or 02 96 87 58 72.



Next, why not enjoy a little ride of Jaman V, the boat of Dinan? You’ll go all along the river “La Rance”, discovering and enjoying the calm of the river and nature around it. From Dinan to Léhon, which is a typical little French village, you will enjoy the ride while listening to some musical animations. You may even have some surprises on board!

Getting there is pretty easy from the train station of Dinan! When you’ll get out of the train station, just go right side and you will soon reach the river. From there, you’ll be able to see the marina from a distance 😉


My rate 5/5



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