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What to eat in Brittany?

Want to know what is the best food ever in France, Brittany, that there is to taste?? Here we give you all our secrets!


Brittany is surrounded by sea, so seafood is definitly one of our specialty. On seaside towns you will find shops and restaurants where you can taste our local seafood & fishes. If you have money, you should try le Homard Breton… so yummy!



Brittany is also known for oysters & mussels. The region of Cancale and all the bay of Mont Saint Michel is specialized in production of oysters and mussels. You can see the fields from the coast.

A famous town to taste oysters is Cancale, once there, you will probably see trucks full of oysters going out of the sea. It is a really amazing to see all these fields and the workers.


Probably the first thing you got to try! The bests of all are in Cancale, but if you’re staying during Saturday we advise you to walk in the market of Dol de Bretagne, so you can find your happiness.



The “galette” is a typical Brittany meal too. It is a salty crepe to which you can add some ham, cheese and egg, any ingredients you like can be added in it. You can find those in restaurants called “Crêperie”, they are everywhere in Brittany and are specialized in galettes.

Galette can be find also in the street such as in local market where people like to eat Galette Saussice which is like the local hot dog: a galette with a sausage. (If you pass by Dol de Bretagne, you should definitly try one on our Saturday market Main Street)

You can also taste the “crêpe”, a sweet hot dessert looking like a pancake, but more finer and larger. With a bit of fruit jam, chocolate or simply sugar, it is delightful! You can taste it with us at breakfast 😉


It’s a cider of apple with a low alcohol which is specialty of Brittany. You have to try this!

The typical way to drink it is inside a bowl, with some crepes. Delicious! You will find ciders in every Creperie and in some bars. You will be able to taste it at Edd Hostel too 😉


The bravest of you could also try the “kouign-amann”, another Breton dessert. Made from a lot of sugar and butter, it is super tasty! You can find those in any bakery of Brittany.



Little dry biscuits from Brittany, those pastries are one of the favorite of Bretons! Like the kouign-amann, it’s made with both sugar and butter.

Order it with a cup of coffee and dip the biscuit into it. Delightful! You can find it at every shop of Brittany.



A really cheap and easy to cook dessert, but still delicious! It may be looking like a flan, but it’s not, here goes the far Breton. It is usually cooked with fruit in it, like prunes, but you can also eat it without any.

You can find those pastries in any bakeries in Brittany.


If you go to the Mont-Saint-Michel, you’ll probably see those sheep grazing into pasture next to the Mont. Lamb meat from Brittany is particular because sheep are grazing into salty pastures, where the sea is coming and going. It gives the meat a special Breton taste!

Any good Breton restaurant will propose you Lamb meals from those meadow!


Aah, what will be a Breton backpacker without his pâté Henaff? Made from pure and noble pork parts like fillet and roast, this pâté is really good and easily transportable because it’s canned food.

Take one of these in your backpack, some bread with butter or cheese and you’re good to go! The best is that you can find any of these product in every shop, and it is cheap. Hénaff also made food for astronauts, the greatest explorers of all times!


& much more…

Tell us what is your favorite and what did you taste while your travel in Brittany!

To have more information about the region, check our other articles.

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