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Carved rocks, an amazing spot close to Saint Malo

In Brittany, close to Saint-Malo, there are one of the most amazing site of carved rocks! Abbé Fouéré made those rocks and it took him over 25 years to finish it!

You would never imagine how wonderful they are, till you get to see them.

Have you ever heard about carved rocks ?


Off road from the touristic attractions, the Rotheneuf carved rocks are located at Rothéneuf (yes, yes!), a few kilometers east from Saint-Malo. Also, only 20 minutes from the city center, you will easily find the bus to get there.

The 300 Rothéneuf carved rocks cover a 550m2 area. A local family of fichermen lived in the place in  the 16-17th centuries. Made from 1894 to 1907, the abbe Fouéré spent over 25 years there ! Locals used to call him the “hermit”. After having suffered from a stroke that left him paralyzed on one side, the abbé Fouéré decided for good to spent the last years of his life in the cliffs of Rothéneuf, as an hermit.

Once there, you can let yourself wander through the 300 pieces carved stones. You might even directly feel the different inspirations of the carved rocks like old stories from local pirates, legendary adventurers, fishermen, smugglers, and monsters aswell as allegorical scenes. Rocks of Rothéneuf were carved by hands and you’ll get to discover faces, animals, monsters, and many strange shapes into the rocks!


If you want to see and feel the real sprit of Brittany, you must absolutely go there!  However, take care during rainy days, because it gets really rocky and slippy!!


How to get there: You can get to Rothéneuf by bus (bus number 8 from tourism office 1.30€) to the sculptures and after follow the signs, or you can avoid the traffic by cutting through Parame. The rocks are on the coast. When you find Rue de l’Abbé Fouré, you will find it.


Where to eat: Next to the rocks is a restaurant, and if you feel like walking down to the city, through the sea-side are nice restaurants as well! You can also find plenty of other places to eat within Saint-Malo itself.


Price for visit: 2,50 euros



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