menhir Dol de Bretagne

A Menhir in Dol de Bretagne

But what is a Menhir ?

Menhir is a tall, vertically placed standing stone.

No one really knows the meaning of this stone but they are widely distributed across the Brittany region.

Standing stones are usually difficult to date, but pottery found underneath connects them with the Beaker people. Those rocks constructed during many different periods across pre-history as part of a larger megalithic culture that flourished in Europe and beyond.

In Dol de Bretagne, aproximately 1km from the city center and at only 20 mins walk from Edd Hostel, there is the Menhir du Champ-Dolent. One big standing stone, the tallest in the department of Ille-et-Villaine and Mont Saint-Michel area. For sure, one of the most amaizing of Brittany!

Its size is 9,30 meters above the ground but also 5 meters underground! You can see it from far, wondering what it is.


What a great megalith in Dol de Bretagne!

Made of local Pink Granit, le Menhir du Champ-Dolent will impress you by its size, standing there, in the middle of fields and flowers.

Historians still do not know why it exists. Was it built to celebrates Gods? To celebrate victories? You will find some explanations on-site.





How to get there: To get to le Menhir du Champ Dolent from Edd Hostel, the best is to walk there. You will reach the site in 20mins from the hotel. Follow the road to Combourg, or ask Edd hostel’s team at the reception to know the cutest way to get there! You can also cycle to get there.

Where to eat: When you will go there, you will pass by the best restaurant in town – Gault et Millau rated restaurant called: l’Auberge de la Cour Verte!



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My rate: 4/5


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