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You are visiting Brittany and its beautiful coasts? Staying at Edd Hostel, but already finished all the activities to do around here? From the mighty Mont Saint Michel to Saint Malo, Dinan and all the cute villages of the area? Loving this place so much that you would like to extend your stay further? Well, if you recognize yourself in this description, then it is perfect! I have prepared here a day trip for you to do! A Day trip in Nantes from Edd Hostel!



1- To go there



The Train: From Edd Hostel, which is located in Dol de Bretagne, I advise you to take the very first or second train to go to Nantes. (you have a change at Rennes).

The time schedule depends on periods. But count approximately a train around 5:45 Am, or 6:30.

I know, I know, it is super early…But these early trains take only 2 hours for you to reach Nantes! And furthermore, this way you’re sure to fully spend your day! 😀



2- In Nantes





  • Château des Ducs de Bretagne




So, let’s say you are arriving between 8Am – 9Am in Nantes’s Train Station.

When you’re outside the building, go left to reach the “Château des Ducs de Bretagne” (Castle of the Dukes from Brittany). Only 13minutes by walk!

From the XV Century, it also includes elements dating from the XIV to the XIII Century. Built by Dukes as a defensive base, it became with François II the main Duke’s Residence.

You can visit the surrounding of it from 8:30 every morning! The museum inside opens later in the day: 10am (closed on Monday).



  • Bouffay area




Afterwards, get yourself lost in the cute Bouffay Area! Only 3min. walk from the Castle, this area is the historical center of Nantes. From cute houses with timbered facades from the XV century, to restaurants and bars, this is the most popular place of the city!

If you’re hungry, I advise you to enter to the first bakery on your way and buy yourself a nice Pain au Chocolat/ Croissant/ or Baguette! This choice is up to you! 😀

Keep your precious package with you while you head towards the next stop.



  • La Tour Bretagne




In 7min. walk, you’re there! With its 144 meters, “La Tour Bretagne” is the 4th higher office tower in Province! So what you can do is reach the 32nd floor (don’t worry, you have to use the elevator for it 😉 ) : with a participation of 1Euro!

Once you reached the highest floor, you’ll see there’s a Coffee Shop/Bar waiting for you, called “Le Nid”. Open every day from 10 Am (Except on Monday: From 14:45), this Coffee Shop is one most particular one with its Birds Universe Inspiration!

Order yourself a nice hot drink while enjoying your breakfast in front of the 360°C view of the whole city of Nantes! 😉


  • Passage Pommeraye



5 min. walk from the Tower, this mall is also very interesting with its incredible canopy on the top of your head! Inspired by Parisian architecture, you can walk through it and admire its beautiful details while you reach the other end of it.


  • Museum of Natural History



Opening from 10Am, this Museum offers different temporarily expositions as well as a permanent one! 4 Euro the entry as a Full Price.

Its permanent exposition contains all fields of Natural History!

So, if you feel like it, it’s always interesting to visit a Museum such as this one 😉


  • Machines de l’île



From my point of view, here comes the most important of all: Les Machines de l’île! (The machineries of the island). Count 10min. or so to reach this island from the Museum.

This exposition shows what Nantes is famous for: It’s gigantic moving machines! Have you ever seen this huge moving mechanical elephant? Well this is where it comes from! 😀

The entry is 8,50Euros: you get to enter the Old Shipyards and see some of the most impressive machinery!! (The tour on top of the mechanic elephant isn’t included on the price)



  • Last stop, an option: Jardin des Plantes




Then, from Tramway stop outside of the island, you can take the Tram to go back to the Train Station. (only 9min.)… If you’ve got time, you can take the chance to visit the “Jardin des Plantes”.

Beautiful park, where you can walk around and discover some nice exhibitions! From a huge cat looking like statue made out in plants, to a gigantic chair, this park is really nice for a walk.





Every hour till around 8Pm there is a train coming back to Dol de Bretagne! (with a stop at Rennes).


I hope you did enjoy this day of discovery in Nantes! Now you can rest and get yourself comfortable at Edd Hostel 😀 .




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