The Rance Valley & its locks

Do you like outdoors activities?

Then the Rance Valley has plenty of activities to offer you with varied landscapes … on foot, bike, horse or even on a boat… let’s talk about a walk in Dinan I did 🙂

Recently, I tried an easy trail around the canal but the Rance Valley offers more than 300km circuits for hikers & nature lovers. Ille & Rance canal has 48 locks to admire from the towpath. It is a big number that testifies of the importance of the Rance centuries ago, especially to serve Dinan city, close by.

It is a short walk around Calorguen village that I have made to see the locks. Thanks to the towpath, it is easy, the path is flat! This time I have walked but for the next time I definetly want to do it by bike!

-You can have an idea of the walk with the pics above-

The best way would be to start from Dinan’s train station, cross the city and then head down to the port. From there you will be abble to follow the canal path.


How to get there: Direct train Dol/Dinan. Take you bike on board and it will be a short ride from Dinan Train Station to the Canal.

Where to eat: You will find “crêperie” local food, everywhere but I advice to take a sandwich with you!


Discover the canal, click here!

About Dinan, click here!

My rate: 3/5

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