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La pointe du Grouin, perfect place to chill out!

Located North from Cancale on the GR34 hiking trail, ” La pointe du Grouin ” is a beautiful place to wandering around!


Best chilling spot!


Brittany is from far the best place to relax and chill. The sea, coasts, campaigns, even that fresh wind in your hair reminds you that you’re in the best place you’ll be able to find to rest.

” La pointe du Grouin ” is the perfect example of what the spirit of Brittany really means. That whole natural and preserved area is both gorgeous and quiet at the same time and will provide you incredible landscapes!


A beautiful seascape!


Of course, you’ll see beautiful views of the seas, but you’ll also observe from there the Island “des Landes” and its 1000 Gulls, the granitic archipelago of islands named “Chausey”, the Fréhel cape, the port city Granville and even the famous Mont Saint-Michel bay! Grab your camera because you will make the best pictures ever, especially if there is a sunny weather 😉


Let’s go to the beach!


You’ve probably already heard of the beaches from Saint-Malo, the corsair city. Those are indeed really nice, but so crowded when Summer comes! Next to “la pointe du Grouin” you’ll find plenty of beaches, which are also great, but most important those one is only known from locals. Which means that, even during Summer, you will meet 50 people maximum there, awesome! The perfect place if you want to swim! You will find those by following the famous GR34 hiking trail.


Want to walk a little bit?


Talking about it, the GR34 is an incredible hiking trail following all the coasts of Brittany, allowing you to see and explore those beautiful landscapes. Starting at “la Pointe du Grouin”, it is 8 hours of nice walk and stunning environment that are waiting for you! Signs will show you the way, so you cannot lose yourself until Saint-Malo, the famous corsair city.


How to get there: It is 7 minutes by car, North from Cancale! Signs will lead you until “la pointe du Grouin”, where you can find a parking. You can also reach it by foot in 40 minutes, since the hiking trail GR34 goes through Cancale as well! In summer, you have direct bus from Saint Malo to Pointe du Grouin. In winter, train to Saint-Malo + Bus to Cancale.


Where to eat: Even though the whole area is natural, one restaurant still manages to be there (don’t ask us how!) “Brasserie de la pointe du Grouin” will provide you both in good meals and nice views!



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My rate : 5/5

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