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Hostel Saint-Malo 2023

You wish to spend a weekend in Saint-Malo? To visit the old corsair city that is Intra-Muros? To walk on the battlements, while grasping the invigorative smell of the sea? Only problem, you have a hesitation concerning the place to stay at? Well guess what, we gathered here arguments showing in what way Edd Hostel is the best place possible when you are visiting Saint-Malo! This is Saint-Malo Hostel for you! πŸ˜‰





Located in Dol de Bretagne, right next to the train station, Edd Hostel is only 15 minutes away from Saint-Malo by train! Similar to the time it would take you to go to Intra-Muros from some accommodations in Saint-Malo itself. Except that in our case you don’t have to walk, but just sit and let yourself be brought to our place πŸ˜€ ! Isn’t that the best when you have spent the whole day walking to discover the area?Β 

Furthermore, the price of the train tickets are the most reasonables: 5 Euros between Saint-Malo and Dol de Bretagne πŸ˜‰ (You can sometimes find some discounts on the train’s Website OuiSNCFΒ )


Did you know that Dol de Bretagne is located only 30 minutes away from one worldwide famous place : Mont Saint Michel?Β 


From Edd Hostel, you can either take the bus which is at the exist of the train station (which is itself right next to the Hostel). It costs 8 Euros to go there! Or you can directly reach it by car, if you have one of course!

Isn’t that awesome to find yourself midway between Saint-Malo and the Mont Saint-Michel? And so easy of access with the common transports next to Edd Hostel!

From Dol de Bretagne, like Mont Saint-Michel, you can also choose to spend your day in Dinan! Count 25minutes by train, for only 5 Euros the one-way ticket.

What an ideal location right? πŸ˜€





Open widely your eyes, I will now talk about one of the most important points of the article: Edd Hostel!!

A modern Backpackers, offering a most heartwarming and friendly common space: suitable for meetings with travelers from all over the world! You can chill here in great serenity, while being assured to be in a place made for you: backpackers most curious about new discoveries and meetings πŸ˜‰ !

To make these meetings easier, Edd Hostel has activities such as a Quizz Night, and a Movie Night! As well, we do have the fun game that is Molki! With all of that, you are sure to have a good laugh and lots of fun πŸ˜€

Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to get the best informations of the area, with multiples articles from the Staff for you to read, may it be on paper or on the Hostel’s Blog!





The location of Edd Hostel is also the most amazing concerning the opportunity for you to discover landscapes other than the ones from Saint-Malo… As being next to the sea is great, unless you abuse too much of it! That’s quite a famous fact isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

So our option would be to visit Saint-Malo, (and more particularly Intra-Muros) during the day: To put your feet in the water, to feel the strong and wild wind coming from the sea, wandering from beaches to others, while discovering some new shells… In a nutshell, to have an idea about what it is to be an authentic Malouin πŸ™‚ ! (locals from St-Malo)

Then during the morning and evening, in Dol de Bretagne, you can have a little break with your day made of high sensations, and come relax in the French countryside… Between our two parks, the chance to have a glimpse and maybe pet some biquettes/ sheep quietly eating the grass in the fields, and then let yourself walk on the green and fresh grass of the surrounding nature… What an envious tranquility right?





That’s right, we say that Saint-Malo is nice… But can you be so sure of it when it concerns staying the night there? Because is still stays a city… Where cars never cease to roll, the multiple parking’s with charges (when you’re travelling by car), the incessant movement of the crowd in the most touristic places during high season. Perhaps you do wish to take a break away from this continuous movement?

You can always come to Dol! Little town of Brittany with an indisputable charm πŸ˜‰ . Here, you will feel the smooth silence of the countryside, where in most of the times, you will be able to walk in the streets while having all the space for yourself!





Do we talk about this most important point? This particular difference between the city life and the one of small towns / villages?Β 

Well, I will tell you about it… Unlike the city of St Malo, which has quite a fast pace. Where the high population density means for people not to greet people they see in the street… Well, know that the little town of Dol, most familiar, offers you the opportunity to taste the happiness of crossing path with people in the street, to exchange a smile, a hello or a good evening…

Who knows, maybe that will brighten up your day and allow you to enjoy even more your trip to Saint-Malo! πŸ˜€



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