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Female solo backpacking through the world!

Wishing to be a female solo backpacking through the world?

You’re dreaming about adventure, but you have some fears about it? Doubts… on the different aspects travel can have, such as money issues, security, material needs or about the way to travel as a solo female backpacker…? Well, that article came in just at the right time, to prove you that every single one of those problems can be solved; and/or thought from a more rational point of view 🙂 … I hope it will make you become more confident, and that it will light up your deep travel desire!! 😉


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I can easily imagine how frightening it is to jump in for the first time! When i’m remembering how scared I was, a few days before my first long solo trip in Scotland… “What the hell am I doing? Why do I have such a crazy idea? I don’t even have any precise plan, it’s literally a jump into the unknown!! Am I able to do this???”… Well, not really reassuring thoughts…

But nowadays, 3 years later and with some experiences in my backpack, I realize that all of these were mostly illusions and fears… Which is absolutely normal, don’t worry!

Consequently, I will now talk about several points in that article, hoping it will help you to prepare that big jump!




  • Feelings: Are you feeling doubts? Fears? A lot of thoughts stuck in your head? Don’t worry, that’s a normal process. You just need to remember your first idea, your dreams, what you want to become and realize in your life! My first advice would be to get rid of all these parasite questions and reconnect to what makes you whole. Remember all your intern resources… because it will be the only thing that will lead your way during your travel!
  • Things you bring: For that question, you should have a look at our article: “Backpacking in France: all you need!“.  What you should remember is to not bring too much stuff! Don’t forget that it doesn’t matter if it’s a backpack or a suitcase because at the end you’ll be the one carrying it!



  • Except that, about all the precious things such as passport, money… you can probably put them separately in a little handy bag you’ll keep in front of you, or even a small backpack!



  • During your trip, nice days of adventures and visits awaits you… But at night time, you need to find accommodations! Following a small list of ideas about cheap accommodations:
    • Hostel (or Youth Hostel depending on the country): Like an Hotel, but way cheaper, Hostels are just the best places to make some friends! Friendly, those places usually have common areas (like Edd Hostel :D) and can propose several activities with other travellers… Who knows, maybe you’ll find travel buddies! Book directly on their website it will be cheaper.


  • Couchsurfing: Platform allowing you to sleep for free in local’s homes!


  • Wwoofing: Volunteering in organic farms for free accommodation and food! You just need to pay (around 20 Euros in general) to create your account and access the list of farms proposing Wwoofing! That lasts for one whole year 😉


  • Help X, Workaway: Alike Wwoofing, those platforms offer you more choices concerning jobs! Such as volunteering in local’s places or even small paid jobs 😀


-> Well, it depends a lot about how you’re travelling after all! Those suggestions are mostly concerning the travellers looking for cheapness! And those are perfect if you’re travelling alone 😉 Meet people, locals and/or backpackers, in total immersion in the culture of the country where you want to go!

* Don’t forget to read comments on websites before booking… you will avoid a lot of bad surprises 😉





  • Language: If you’re going to another country, I advice you to learn the basics of the local language… such as “Hi, Good bye, Thanks, How much is it?…” First locals will be super happy to see that you’re trying to speak their language, and also it will be a great immersion into the culture of the country (and it’s super convenient ;D)


  • Outfit: I can understand that, as a woman, we want to affirm ourselves in our outfits, but it is important to think about the local culture. Gather informations before heading for a country, as  sometimes some outfits or colors can be outrageous for locals! Try to look for informations via Internet for example 🙂


  • Meetings: Do not hesitate to go meet people! Especially if you need some help, most of the times, locals are always happy to help 😉 Remember the basis of local language you learned before your big jump!






  • Intuition: ALWAYS trust your intuition! It will be your best friend during the trip! If you find yourself in a situation where the little voice in your head tells you to be careful, then listen to it! Even if there isn’t any concrete elements confirming your fear, it’s always better to be careful from the beginning. Well, of course, do not fall into paranoia :p , juts listen to your instinct when it’s showing itself… In general, it never lies 🙂 


  • Solitude: Travelling alone rings bells with the theme of “solitude” and “uncomfortable”: feelings that entices you into wanting to go back home… Of course this can happen 😉 Trust me tho’, one day that feeling will be a precious one to you… as you’ll learn that loneliness can also become your friend, and an awesome travel buddy 😀 Personally, with that feeling came my best thoughts of freedom and independence ;)!


  • Freedom feeling: Alalala, freedom… We are dreaming so much about that just before leaving… that feeling seems to show you you’re under control, limitless, everything is possible if you really want to… Every judgment, fears, lack of confidence… Pfffiou, blasted in the air! Yes, travelling alone can really help you into emancipating yourself and go further. It allows you to become your true self by erasing the former one! 😀 Only for this, it’s worth the trip to follow your dream of adventure until the end of the world!

A little preview of what’s solo travelling, to see at which point it’s important to follow your adventures dreams before everything! All the rest will go on 😉

And if you ever pass by Brittany in France, you can book your stay here at Edd Hostel! 😉 all the female staff are female backpackers that travelled through lot of countries and would be happy to talk about it! ( Emilie had a blog while travelling)

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