The Velodyssey

Last summer I experienced the Velodyssey, a 1200 km long cycle route along the Atlantic coast. As it was my first time travelling on a bike, I have just done the first part and you know what?? I loved it!!! I can’t wait to get on my bike again.

Where does it start ?

So for this 1st part, I started in Morlaix. Morlaix is a small old town in Brittany. Close to the sea, Morlaix has a port in its town center and a famous viaduct. This town deserve a visit, especially for those that love History.

The cycling path are very well explained on Velodyssee website (, they advise stages between 20 to 40 km a day and the tourist attraction there is on the way. Sometimes, some détours are possible but don’t forget you are cycling, a detour is often a long detour.

On the way, it is easy to find your route thanks to the sign. I didn’t get lost once!

My trip

For my first day, I decided I wanted to sleep in Huelgoat so I made a 40 minutes detour to reach this Celtic Village. Huelgoat is well known for its lake and its legendary Argent Valley that is full of magical mossy boulders that have stirred the Breton imagination in fabulous ways.

For my second day, I cycled from Huelgoat to Glomel. At the middle of this day track, you arrive on the Nantes to Brest Canal, travelling from lock to lock.

Then, I went from Glomel to Mûr de Bretagne (passing in front of the majectic “Abbaye de Bon repos”!!!) to visit the Lac de Guerlédan. Dug out in the winding gorges of Blavet, the great lake of Guerlédan is a fresh green oasis, a place for relaxation and outdoor activities.

My last stage was from Mûr de Bretagne to Pontivy. Now a quiet market town where the River Blavet meets the Nantes-Brest canal, Pontivy was once the seat of one of Brittany’s most powerful families before becoming one of Napoléon’s ‘new towns’. You can visit the castle and enjoy the peaceful historic city center.

A beautiful experience that I will try to continue. I have done only 140km over 1200km!!!


Our Advice

Where to sleep: Hôtels, B&B and camping are on the way. Just make sure to plan it in advance because some of them right on the way but others require some détours! Touristic season from April to October in Brittany.

How to get there: Morlaix is reachable by train from Dol de Bretagne. Dol-Rennes-Morlaix (2h30). But if you come from England you can start the adventure in Roscoff and coming by boat!

Where to eat: You will find “crêperie” local food, everywhere! And for lunch the best is to order a sandwich the morning in a nice frech bakery and to stop with yourbike in a beautiful spot when you feel like it!

Useful websites:

My rate: 5/5

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