Saint-Jacut 島

    Saint Jacut (サン・ジャック)に行こう



    Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer という町は、EDDhostelから約40キロ離れた場所に位置しています。

    この町は、自然がいっぱいで、Ebihens archipelago という小さな島が見れたり



    自然を感じる旅の出発地点は、 Guildo か castle がお勧め。




    The Castle


    水の端にある中世のChâteau du Guildoの絵のような遺跡が、この素敵な旅の始まりになります。

    Picturesque ruins of the medieval Château du Guildo on the water’s edge will be the start of this nice journey.

    From the castle, take the trailing path on the right. From there follow the signs of GR (red and white painting). The GR system = long distance pathway , are trails available all over France. In Brittany, it is the GR 34. Red and white horizontal line paintings can be everywhere in the nature, look well at every intersection. If you get lost, just try to go back to the beach and you will find the path again!

    After passing sandy beaches you will reach St-Jacut village. The main street has retained its old houses built in narrow rows to protect them from the wind.

    Landscapes and beaches

    Keep on walking and explore St-Jacut’s enchanting, contrasting ports and its 11 varied beaches that extend down either side of the peninsula.

    Landscapes change if it low tide or high tide. During low tide you will see lot of people fishing in the sand to get local shellfish.

    The St Jacut peninsula tour lasts more or less 4h, depend if you make many stops or not. Once you reach the shipyard area, it is time to go back to the castle crossing the peninsula from the interior (it gets more difficult not to get lost, so take a map with you) . More details will be available at the reception.

    Do it on a day trip to really enjoy the view & the area!

    How to get there: Take the train from Dol de Bretagne to St Malo (16min). Take bus 14 at the train station and get down at Guildo Port stop (it is not the last stop!) – the stop is just before a Bridge and close to Guildo Castle.
    Or go to Dinan and Bus line 12.

    Where to eat: You will find different restaurants in St Jacut and some of them are directly on the beach! But you can also bring your own sandwich and stop where the wind brings you.

    How much: Train: 5€ Bus 2€ / one way


    What to do in Saint-Jacut, click here!

    My rate: 3,5/5





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