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You are wondering if there is a bus to Mont Saint-Michel?  Here, we list best ways to Mont Saint-Michel by bus directly from Edd Hostel. We are located just behind the railway station of Dol’s town. Therefore, it is really easy to find us and really easy to take a bus to Mont Saint-Michel  from Dol de Bretagne, and thus normally in only 30 mins!

Because of Covid-19 the official line is close for the moment but no worries, the Edd Team found a solution to be abble to go there! We will update the timetable as soon as we have more info but you can consider that the following schedule is running until end of August 2020. The bus stop in Dol de Bretagne is located in front of the train station.


Dol train station


Situated in the middle of a bay, the Mont Saint-Michel  welcomes nearly two and a half million people every year this includes visitors, pilgrims and tourists. At the entrance of this medieval town is the ancient Burgher’s Guardroom now the Tourist Office. If you need more info about your visit there, do not hesitate to contact them direclty.


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Bus to Mont saint-Michel


Bus mont saint-michel

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bus stop

Mont Saint-Michel is a village so it is open 24/24 however the abbey is a museum so has openning hours. The abbey is open every day except the 1st of January, the 1st of May and the 25th of December. The abbey changed some policies about entrance for the summer 2020. You must book entrance ticket in advance. Please check their website to keep up upadtes.

Because of Covid-19 it is mandatory to wear a mask in Mont Saint-Michel and the abbey.

 Private Shuttle


If you don”t want to take the bus to Mont Saint-Michel, we also can organize a private shuttle from Edd Hostel. In the morning at 9.00 and back at 5pm, the ride will be 30mins and there is 7 seats in the bus. It costs 20€/pers with a minimum of 4 participants.

Private shuttle stop for Edd Hostel is in front of the gate of the Parking 2 in Mont Saint-Michel. Book in advance only at reception.



Dol de Bretagne


Once you arrive at Dol de Bretagne by bus, cross the railway by using the underground path, cross the car park and here we are, waiting for you to tell us how was your day ! As you arrive back quite early here are some options if you want more activities :

-take our free bike and visit Mont-Dol and Menhir 

-take a train to Saint Malo at come back to Dol after 8pm

-take a train to Dinan


Dol de Bretagne



Some advises for your day trip!



Advise 1: Tickets for bus to Mont Saint-Michel from Dol de Bretagne : 15€ way in/ way out . Buy directly in the bus with correct amount of cash or credit card.

Advise 2: Do not forget your mask to get in the bus to Mont Saint-Michel, you will need it also in the village.

Advise 3: Before your bus , do not hesitate to go to visit the village of Dol de Bretagne, you will love the medieval spirit, the cathedral and local businesses. 

Advise 4: Buy a sandwich directly in a bakery in Dol de Bretagne. It is cheaper and much better that at the Mont !

Advise 5: Once you are in Mont Saint-Michel intra-muros, turn left after the town hall and get lost in the village. Don’t stay in the main street, it is for tourist, not eddplorers 😉




Tourist info website

To avoid queue to visit the abbey, buy your ticket online.

For more info do not hesitate to read or other articles. To go to Mont Saint-Michel by bike read here our eddventure!

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