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Route du Rhum is coming soon

Route du Rhum, but what is it?

The Route du Rhum is a transatlantic solo sailing race.

This sailing race is held every 4 years since  Michel Etévenon created it in 1978.

There were 2.2 millions visiteurs in 2014 and it will be a lot more because it is the 40th anniversary this year  🙂

Here we are, on the 4 th of november 2018, it’s start from Saint Malo !!

( Want to know about Saint Malo ?  → )

This time it is over 122 solo skippers that will be in the race, which is the biggest number of solo racers ever reached.


There are festivities and it’s start on wednesday October 24 at 17 h during 11 days.

Race village will be open every day from 10 am to 8 pm , and until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

On October 27, the official presentation of all the skippers will take place.

route du rhum


Start  :  Saint Malo (Britany)

Arrival  :  Pointe à Pitre (Guadeloupe)

This historic race call  ‘ rum route ‘ is about 5700 km. It’s depending on the type boat you’re using, but some of them takes almost one month to finish.  Current record is 7 days 15h 8min 32sec by Loick Peyron ( 2014 ).




There is different categories of boats.

  • ORMA Class : Multihulls measuring from 59 ‘ to 60 ‘ in length
  • IMOCA Class : Monohulls measuring from 58 ‘ to 60 ‘ in length
  • Class 2 Monohulls and multihulls measuring from 45.1 to 50 ‘
  • Class 3 Monohulls and multihulls measuring from 40 ‘ to 45 ‘
  • Class 40 Monohulls ( 40′, specific class )



In 1990 , the Route du Rhum became the first transatlantic race to be won by a woman so we’ll see who’s gonna win this year !!

You will see impressive boats and alots funs in Saint Malo !! You shouldn’t miss it 🙂


How to get there: Check here→ Saint Malo

Useful website:


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