Three days in Brittany

Three days in Brittany


Finally it’s Holidays ! Why not come to West of France? But you have just three days and don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we are here to help you! You’ll find here ideas of places to visit in three days in Brittany direct from Edd Hostel!

It is at your arrival in Dol de Bretagne, Edd Hostel more precisly, that your trip will begin. The town is the perfect carrefour between all the nice areas of Brittany. From there, by bus or by train, you’ll be able to reach Saint-Malo, the Mont Saint-Michel, Rennes, Dinan… and much more by using trains and bus!


First day, the Mont Saint-Michel…

How can we not mention the 8th beauty in the world here? Untouch by both time and people visiting it, the Mont is a beautiful destination. The best part is that it is only at 30 minutes from Edd Hostel by bus!

The little town inside the Mont is really pretty. The medieval looking type of village adds here a special atmosphère, almost like visiting a fairytail castle! Its Abbey, which is located on top of the Mont, is classified as an historical monument and is really well conserved. The little advice we can give you is to bring a meal before going there: shops prices could be expensive.

But you know, the Mont Saint-Michel isn’t only its small village and streets… its bay is also worthy to look at! All arround the Mont is its bay, where you can enjoy an incredible view of the village and the Mont. Be carefull, because you will need the help of a guide to walk trough the bay. It could be really risky and dangerous to walk there alone.


… and Dol de Bretagne

After a really nice 1/2 day into the Mont Saint-Michel, you come back to Dol de Bretagne “la mystérieuse”, where our hostel stands!


Dol has a deep link with the History of Brittany, it even was the former main city centuries ago! The oldest houses of the whole Brittany or its Cathedral are one part of the huge historical heritage Dol has. Nothing is more pleasant than loosing yourself in its small streets and paths, or wandering in “La Grande rue des Stuarts” when it’s market day.

You can also visit the ruins and the remains of the former walls and towers that surrounded the city back in time, or even take a walk until “Le Menhir du Champ Dolent”, one of the biggest megalithe in that area.

For the bravest of you and those who are not affraid of taking a walk, there is the “Mont-Dol” at 4km from Dol de Bretagne, it makes 1 hours by foot or 20 min by bike. It is a lovely hill of 1000 inhabitants, which is both quiet and peacefull. You’ll sure love it!


Second day, Saint-Malo…

The corsair city, Saint-Malo, at only 15 minutes from EddHostel! Saint-Malo is itself a student and modern city, but it’s for an other reason that visiting it is really worthy.

Indeed, the city conserve its heritage in such a way that you could think you’re in the middle age! Let’s head up to Intra-muros, the older side of the corsair city. All the streets are paved street in that area of the town which is really medieval looking like. Located just next to the sea and fully surrounded by huge ramparts where old canons from old time stands, Intra-muros offers a great view of the sea, its boat, its gulls… Intra Muros is large enough to be called a town inside the city, with its own shops and pubs.

Ramparts from Intra-muros are also surrounded by magnificent beaches, and one of them has a natural swimming pool inside it. Two huge rocks could be found on thoses: the first one is “Le grand Bé”, where the great French writer François René de Chateaubriand is burried. When on top of that rock, you’ll get an even prettier view of the sea. On the other rock which is called “Le petit Bé”, you’ll find the national fort “Vauban” that you can also visit.


… and Cancale

Port city located 30 minutes from Dol de Bretagne, you can reach it by taking a train to Saint-Malo (15 minutes), then by taking a bus for Cancale (30 minutes). Cancale is well known for its seaproducts and even more for its oysters, which are considered the best of the whole Brittany, if not France!  

Cancales oysters did not steal their reputation, because even during the 18th century, kings were ordering them by cart! Its beautiful little port is the place where seaproducts are raised, and you can directly look at oyters park if you want too. Everyday, on the port, stands the oyster market where the fischermens sell directly their products to visitors. You can’t find fresher anywhere!

Get lost in the city and take your time, an half a dozen of oysters directly in the port and enjoy them looking at the sea… so nice! You can also take a seat in one of the many restaurants facing the sea.


Third day, Dinan …

If you just love medieval looking town, we think that one was made for you. With only 25 minutes of train from Edd Hostel, Dinan is one of the place we highly recommend!


Little town from Brittany, Dinan is litteraly the typical old french village. Its castle, which stands here since the 13th century, is one of the best preserved of Brittany. It is like an huge fort and dungeon from the mediaval time, all surrounded by 3km long ramparts! It is pretty unique, even in France, and actually you can even take a walk on them.

All the town is really medieval looking like, with its old stone bridge, its huge Clockwork tower (it is over 40 meter high!) where you can even see the Mont Saint-Michel when the weather is clear enough. The town is crossed by a river named “La Rance”, and it is a real pleasure to just chill out walking by it, listening to the sound the waters makes.


… and Lehon

Lehon is actually the best way you could end your trip in Brittany. Quiet, peacefull, surrounded by nature and trees… And all of this is just at 30 minutes by foot from Dinan port! Convenient, isn’t it?


Lehon is the perfect example of what a small village from Brittany looks like: surrounded by nature, quiet, peacefull… and full of stories! Before entering the city you’ll have to cross a stone bridge juste like the one in Dinan. There you will be able to find the ruins of the castle the town used to have, around 1034 according to History books. The remnants of it that you’ll see are all restored for the pleasure of the eyes!

There is also the Saint Magloire Abbaye and its garden, which is next to the church. Those two are pretty well preserved. It is a beautifull place to visit and also full of history but must of all: it is not touristic at all! If you want to just feel like a local and see how looks the life in Brittany, Lehon was written for you 🙂


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