Bay of Mont Saint-Michel : Saint-Anne Chapel

The story of Saint-Anne’s Chapel

It is a protected monument in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. The bay of Mont Saint-Michel is part of the club of the world’s most beautiful bays and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Saint Anne’s Chapel is located between the sea and farmland, this historic site was built in 1684 and is known to protect the land around from the sea.

The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel has the most impressive tides in Europe, reaching up to 10 meters. Every year thousands of people get reunited to celebrate Saint Anne, the third Sunday of July. Now a catolic parade over the bay, the pilgrimage used to be a real popular party for the habitant around.

The tiny & beautiful Saint-Anne’s Chapel

This is one of my favorite place to have a walk in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. I also like to go by bike there. The chapel is very tiny & unique. The place worth the visit especially at sunset!

All the environment around the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is very quiet, you will see and hear lot of wildlifes!

When you will reach the Chapel, for sure you will see the famous sheep of the Mont-Saint-Michel that will be eating the salty marsh around.

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How to get there: The Chapel is in the town called Cherrueix. You can reach it by car but also by bicycle from Edd Hostel. Follow the Voie verte from Dol to Vivier Sur Mer. Then, follow the Bay on the left, like if your goal was the Mont-Saint-Michel. It takes 1h to get there, the first part is across corn fields and the second one is along the bay!

Where to eat: You will find “crêperie” local food, everywhere! The Bay of Mont St Michel is also known for its oysters, mussels and sheeps. On the way, a nice restaurant called “L’abri de Greves” is a nice place to have a break.

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