Cycling around Combourg

Today we have testEDD a new track in bicycle around the village of Combourg, specially made for castles lovers!



Combourg is known for having witnessed grow up the famous french author Chateaubriand.
The renowned author spent part of his childhood in the “Château de Combourg”. The castle stands on a small hill next to Lac Tranquille (Quiet Lake) in the town of Combourg. This place marks the beginning of the bicycle tour : Circuit Chateaubriand n.3

I personnally took 2 hours to the the round track!  First, I had to ride around the lake, where I was able to enjoy a really nice view of the castle. Few meters away, I started to head towards the countryside, and I found myself riding between the corn fields, some cows aswell as ships.


What to discover ?


At the end of this road, is the village of Lanrigan where I got to discover a nice Castle from the 15th century, and a lovely church from the 11th Century. Then, as I did, make your route to Dingé, and do not forget to stop if you want to see the 2500 B.C megalith (in a private property- on the right after the village).

A few kilometers later, and I was able to discover the beautiful “Manoir de Trémaudan” from 1630! With all the flowers and the lake, this castle specially charmed me!

It is the end of the loop and you should arrive behind the “Château de Combourg.”

On the nice village square there is a terrasse that has a direct view on the castle where, as myself, you will be able to rest, specially after this 21kms ride on your bicycle!



How to get there: Take the train from Dol de Bretagne to Combourg (10 mins). You can take your bike on the train. Once you get to the castle follow the green sign with a bike!

Where to eat: You will find different restaurants in Combourg. All range of prices.

How much: Train: 5€


The path, click here!

Combourg, click here!

My rate: 3/5

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