The Sea Train

Do you know the sea train?

The sea  train is a must do for everyone that want to learn about fisheries activities in the Mont Saint Michel Bay.

The Bay of  Mont Saint Michel is the area from Cancale to Granville. It is about 500km². With is high tide, the biggest in Europe, the bay attracts different and unique fish. To learn about it, a fisherie organize tours.

Cherrueix village is the point of departure of the sea train, a 2hours guided tour that will bring you up to 5km from the shore in the Mont Saint Michel Bay. A great experience where you learn about local culture & economy with a view on the Mont Saint Michel during all the visit.

The first stop of the train is to learn about local fish and the diferent way of fishing in the most famous bay of the world. The guide, a local fisherman will explain you the different technics used and the different species… all that your foot in the sea!

The second stop will make you discover the profession of mussel farmer.  Mussels are one of specialities of the region with oysters.

The visits can be made in English on-demand. Great way to learn about local fisheries, the tides and the Mont Saint Michel Bay in general.

How to get there: Bike from Dol de Bretagne. 45mins/1h ride in cycling path all way long..

Where to eat: You will find different restaurant in Cherrueix and 1 small supermarket.. One nice restaurant with a view on the bay and a terasse.

How much: 15€/adult

My rate: 4/5




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